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    Djeez it was in 2004 some time I really have no idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    The vanilla shaman quest called "Call of Earth" or so, as an orc you have to find this rock and drink a potion... Right well, at that point in Durotar, there is a ledge and you can see Ratchet and the Barrens from there, I thought it looked pretty so.... Well I fell down, and a makrura killed me.... Booo
    Oh my god, yes, this. This was it. I remember it now clearly. I couldn't find the spirit or whatsit and saw Ratchet through the hills so I went there... and hit the rocks on my way down. Boy it was a pain to get back to Valley of Trials...
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    To ask why we fight is to ask why leaves fall. (...)
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    Gravity? We fight because gravity? Never listen to a philosophy from a panda.

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    On my Warrior when I first started playing, he was an Orc, I had no idea what I was doing, so I ran out of the Valley of Trials towards Sen'jin and came across Scorpions, they found me to be an easy target, so it seemed.

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    I started with BC's launch or shortly after. My first death was when my draenei (first character) made the corpse run from auberdine to ironforge.

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    Oh hell, I remember running through Ashenvale on my Nelf warrior and wandering into Azshara which was then populated by lots of ?? Naga >.< that was slightly fun, although i was impressed i managed to get to the coast before i died!
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    Step 1: Make this macro

    #show Swipe (Bear)
    /cast Maul
    /cast Swipe (Bear)

    Step 2: Bind this macro to your L and O buttons

    Step 3: Run into any heroic and LOL your way to victory

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    I got my ass brutally kicked in the kobold-mine south of goldshire when i tried to tag a rare mob while have 4-5 mob already on me. n00b...
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Why does Ghostcrawler hate paladins?
    A ret paladin killed his parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanchak View Post
    Goldtooth mine, same as Teriz, man they kicked my ass as well ^^
    this and it wasnt just the once either lol, was on a mage and they kept respawning on me just as i was getting him to low HP
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    My very first character died 7 years ago when I ran clueless around in Tirisfal Glades and ended up against a bunch of murlocs off the coast who seemingly was much higher level than me.

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    Lich King once killed me in WOTLK, but then I got ressurected and killed him.

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    Raptors on the Echo Islands. I remember loving the fact that you could waterwalk and tried to run towards the maelstrom to see what it looked like (Yea, I didn't really know that it wasn't even going to be implemented for a long time). Imagine the look on my face when I ended up dying as a ghost from fatigue!

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    I am the true Iron Man and have never died.

    Really, most likely in dun morogh. Cant remember even what was my very first character.

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    oh i remember, my first char a dwarf hunter. i ran to ironforge and their was a big mob, i died like 20 times to him.
    Later i found out it was the Pre - TBC event with Highlord Kruul attacking the cities

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    Murlocs gang raped my mage at the lake near Goldshire, bastards came out of nowhere too

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    Not 100% sure, it was a long time ago, but I think it was to Zalazane, the evil troll witch-doctor who used to control the Echo Isles. He used to be a tough guy when I was new to the game, lots of people would form groups just to kill him.

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    Overpulling trolls out on Echo Isles in Durotar
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    I played a Tauren Druid, my first death was in The Barrens because of those pirates south of ratchet.

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    Hmm.. it was either the Murlocs east of goldshire or drowning in SW canals....

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