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    "Old habits die hard" Disc Healing for cata.

    I recently started to play my disc priest and i haven't played it since the end of wrath. I've been reading the forums and i get the jest of the whole new disc healing and such, but i cant help but feel that i'm still lost. i've been reading that people say you shouldn't use FH and only use Heal. Then theres some who say you could FH.
    So could anyone help but just throwing out a general idea of what spells i should be concentrating on during 5man heroics and 10mans.
    What i shouldn't be using anymore. What i should be doing more. Throwing out bubbles? penance?, etc.
    please and thank you!
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    only use holy fire and smite.
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    I mostly use greater heal, PoH, bubble, penance and PoM, and I only use flash heal on the free proc, and don't waste my time/mana on renew except on the tank, I do remember when cata first started I did have to use heal just because fh and greater aren't that mana conservative

    so, bubbles and PoH for dps and self, except if one spikes then I'll throw them a greater and maybe a penance
    greater, penance, renew, PoM and bubbles on tank

    mostly what I do

    just my take on it, I'm sure there are other ways to do it


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    Maybe more than other classes, Disc healing changes somewhat depending on what level of gear you've got, what you're stacking (crit, haste, mastery), how you're specced and what you're doing (raiding vs heroics). So you're going to get a ton of different answers to this question.

    Personally, when gearing I liked crit. More bubbles through DA is always nice, and stacking haste at low gear levels just makes you run out of mana, while mastery at low gear levels just won't be enough to make a big difference. Use bubble pretty much only on the tank or on the DPS/yourself in emergencies, Penance on cooldown, GHeal to fill. PoH raid damage - don't try to bubble everyone, unlike Wrath days. You'll run out of mana fast using FH, but sometimes you might need to, so don't be afraid of it. If you're really early on, Heal could be your main cast, but smiting with AA/A is about the same, and you're doing damage in addition, and in 5-mans the heals almost always need to be on the tank, so you might as well do that.

    Once you're 359+, grab anything you can with haste and crit and go to town Smite healing your way through heroics and LFR.

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    For 5-mans: Shield, GH, PoH, Penance is more than enough.
    For 10 man: Shield, GH, PoH, Penance, Barrier, PI, PS, IF, some random FHs, PoM and guess that's it. Didn't play disc since my world 1st disc priest on Aly25H but I think it didn't change that drastically in 4.3.

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    5 man, i just press buttons tbh, a random and useless PoH will occure just because i can with the gear.
    Mainly i just Smite/Holy Fire some Holy Nova to aoe down mobs PoM on CD towards tank.

    10mans: what Ethas says with the addition of Binding Heal, Smite/Holy Fire and ArchAngel and the situational spell like dispell and the CD divine hymn.

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