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    Glyph of Mind = Blown
    If you gain a killing blow by using Mind Blast, the targets head explodes.
    Oh, please, please, please, Blizzard!!!
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    I would like to see something like Susanoo.. But that might just be me. That would be so cool I would drool for hours. Doesnt have to be the same ability but mostly the look. So cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raffie View Post
    I would like to see something like Susanoo.. But that might just be me. That would be so cool I would drool for hours. Doesnt have to be the same ability but mostly the look. So cool.
    Googled and found this (jump to 3:18):

    Is that what your talking about? It looks kind of like the Shadowy Ascendant idea we've been pushing around for years but never get much response to - but I think it could definitely look cooler than that.

    I'd like something more like this I think (skip to about 3:23):

    Black, formless - spooky perhaps - (the red eyes in the mist help, or the creature references and sounds)

    Maybe that's not wow's art design enough though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkillOverKill
    I like your Vampiric Mist idea
    Oh, thanks! There are many I like in this thread.

    How about some dispel protection? This one would be nasty.

    Shadow's Taint (instant; one orb; no CD): Consumes all Shadow Orbs to taint the target's mind for 4 seconds per orb, reducing healing taken by 25%. If Shadow's Taint is dispelled, the priest's next Shadow Word: Pain also applies Vampiric Touch and generates 3 Shadow Orbs.

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    Raven party

    For each shadow orb used a rave deals x damage oover x time. Think of the ravens as the gargoyls from deathknight but with less damage as you summon alot more.

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    You are enveloped in a flurry of darkness, your form dissolving into pure shadow, only to reform at the targeted area.
    (Basically a Heroic Leap/Shadowstep mix)

    You call upon a cyclone of shadow energy at the target area, interrupting all spellcasting and reducing the movement speed of those trapped inside by 50% and doing X damage every 1.5 seconds.
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    Feast for Crows
    Summon a flock of 5 crows for every target affected by your Shadow Word: Pain, lasting 15 seconds. While the flock attacks, the target affected by your Shadow Word: Pain takes X damage over 15 seconds, and will be interrupted every 5 seconds. You can only have a maximum of 3 flocks active at once.

    Dark Coven
    You summon a circle of fallen dark priests at your location. The members of the coven cannot move or cast any spell, but each time you are victim of an attack higher than 30% of your health one of them will sacrifice preventing all damage from you. Lasts 8 seconds.

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    Hunters got the flock of Crows.

    Hungering plague

    A DoT plague which lasts 30 seconds. If it's target is killed or it is dispelled, it leaps to a new target, gaining an additional 5% damage. Maximum +25% damage. 2 minute cooldown.

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    When casting Mind Blast, you now leave behind a void of dark energy under yourself. When an enemy enters this void, they take damage equal to 10% of your Mind Blast damage every 2 seconds, and their movement speed is slowed by 10%, stacking up to 5 times. If the target reachs 5 stacks, they will be rooted in place for 5 seconds and take 25% more damage from your Shadow Spells.

    Gives more options for AoE damage in PvE by casting Mind Blast in melee range, or in PvP, gives you a place to stand where if a melee stays on you too long, they will have to choose between attacking you or getting rooted.
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