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    Mists of Pandaria beta: Masochism

    Why exactly was this removed? I've heard reports that shadow priests are going oom in 1-2 minutes on a boss fight; how the hell are they supposed to maintain viability in PvP with this kind of poor mana regen? In arena I find myself going oom right now even with masochism and low cd disperse.

    If we don't get some kind of SERIOUS mana regen mechanic reformation I really don't know where shadow priests are going to sit in mists of pandaria. Mana is one of the spriests strong suits, without masochism we are going to be just bad fire mages =(


    Vampiric Touch now also regenerates the caster's mana.

    Beta Patch Build 15544
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    Its pretty early to tell as things will be different once we get to test heroics and raids.
    But yea, shadow is in a bad state atm but i think blizzard might give us masochism back or something because fiend and disperse just doesnt cut it.

    But arlee prolly post here and tell us that there's a beta topic where we have to discuss these kind of things

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