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    What Was the first Game you played?

    Ello People of the internet!

    I was just curious for those of you out there what was the first game you have ever played, and did you like it as the first game you played?
    The first game I played was Pokemon Red (or blue cant remember) and at the time I though it was ground breaking.

    So, what are your thoughts on the first game you played?

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    Commander Keen

    Awesome game, and it became even greater of a game when I learned how-to jump with a pogo stick from stand-still.

    Next one after that was X-COM: Enemy Unknown (Rather old game by Microprose)

    Imo still the best game ever made hands down ;-)

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    Doom or Commander Keen, I think.

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    Civilization 2 i belive.. or mby doom 95. not sure wich one was first. I spended alot more time playing Civ 2 then doom 95 thou.

    If we count console games sonic series was the first games i played.

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    Sabre Wulf on a speccy if we're talking home computing... lol

    That arcade Atari tennis game (a bat either side of the screen hitting a pixel back n forth), can't remember when that was, but I was on a school trip to London, so must be at least 30 years ago...
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    The very first game I played was donkey kong country on snes, I still play it sometimes, with my faithful snes.
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    super mario bros on the original green screen gameboy, or it might have been columns on the old sega gamegear

    but i remember mario bros taking over my life for a good month or 2, i used to get to the last boss with over 100 lives left but never managed to finish it. didn't play it for about 10/15 years, then my nephew had it on his gameboy colour (dug it oout from my brother in laws garage or something) i played through the entire game in about 20 mins and 1-shot the last boss.

    man i was so crap at games, at least i got better though

    having thought about it a bit more, there were amiga and commodore 64 games that i played before i ever touched a gameboy, but super mario was for sure my first real gaming passion.
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    Super Mario (the first one) on the NES when i got it for christmas in 87 or 88.. plus the duck shooting game that came with the console and that crappy red gun... I say crappy but at the time i thought it was the greatest thing ever invented.

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    Legend of Zelda

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    I'm guessing it would have been seeing people play Mario Land on the gameboy - this further inspired my interest in video games in general, including the SNES then N64. I was quite young when I got into it.

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    First game?!? There is absolutely no way to remember. I grew up on the Jersey shore less than a mile from an arcade, I can't remember a time when I didn't know what an arcade or games were.

    My first computer game was, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

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    Conker: Bad Fur Day on N64, Amazing game

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    Pac Man when I was 2 and a half.

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    Probably mario 64 or Spyro, the dragon

    Spyro best dragon.
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    Boulder Dash, on the NES. Damn, that's over 20 years ago now :P

    It was a decent game, but the stages where you had to contain the liquid stuff or whatever were annoying.

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    Can't remember the first video game I ever played. But the first game I played and had some sort of sense what I was doing was Pokemon Blue version.
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    Starcraft. Still play that game every once in a while.

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    Can't really remember. It was either Super Mario or Jazz Jackrabbit.

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    I hate to admit it, but .... Pong. I feel so old.

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    The Ninja on the Master System is the first game I remember playing, was released the year I was born.
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