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    [A]<RISB>5/8H DS(25) Looking for more for the final DS push and into MOP


    Current progression-5/8H DS(25), 8/8 DS(25), 8/8 DS(10), 6/7H FL(25), 7/7 FL(25), 7/7 FL H(10)

    GM/RL background:
    Vanilla:MC-Naxx 40 full clear. Part of world first Grand Widow Faerlina. Top 30 C'thun & Kel'Thuzad kill
    BC: Kara-Sunwell Kalecgoes prenerf/removal of attunements.
    WOTLK: OS3D prior to zerg, Uld 25 full pre-nerf, Uld 10 glory of the raider week of TOC, and Bane of the fallen king pre 4.0

    Times- Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 PST-11:00 PST.

    <Raiding is Srs Business> is a reformed guild of skilled players from various high end guilds, as well as play experience dating back from Vanilla wow. We're looking to do the final push for Firelands and looking for those to add to our roster for 4.3. We also have some that went the 10 man path in the beginning of Cataclysm, and realized later that 25 mans are still the place to be for raids. We are looking for people with the same mentality that want to accomplish heroics in 25, achieve progress, and enjoy doing it all at the same time. Many of our guildies also enjoy doing RBG's and Arena during our offtime from raiding.

    Another thing to consider is, this guild will not tolerate carrying by any means. As this may sound harsh, if we feel you're not pulling your weight, you will possibly lose your raid spot and be replaced. We are not asking for perfection, however to play at the top of your game. This guild is under a new focus of pushing content with players that want it. We're not here to baby people on how to play.

    1. Age: We require a minimum age of 18+. The reason for this is we're most comprised of young adults with flexible schedules. Last thing we want to hear on a progression night is "Have to go, parents making me go to bed",”take out trash”, “walk the dog”, etc.

    2. Respect your fellow guildies: We're all in the same guild for the same reasons. To work together towards accomplishing raids. This is achieved best when everyone can get along and perform well together. We're not asking you to be friends with everyone in guild, but in a raid to keep mutual respect with each other.

    3. Loot complaints: As stated above, loot will be handled via loot council. If you're going to complain about loot nonstop, this is the wrong guild. Loot will always drop and you will get geared as long as you perform your job and show up for attendance.

    4.Attendance: Attendance will be a major factor of separating a core raider, from a sub/back-up raider. If you can't make at least 80% attendance in the raids, then this is the wrong guild for you. If at some point, something changes to alter your schedule, inform an officer so we won't assume that you just don't want to show up. Also, we expect everyone to post absences or if they are going to be late on our guild website. If your attendance is low due to whatever circumstances, you will be demoted from the Core rank. Once your attendance is back to normal, we'll work towards getting a core spot back for you.

    5. Have fun: Raiding is not meant to be a job, but something fun we all come together to do. I'm expected everyone to have a fun time with each other, and not turn this into a 2nd job.

    Current Class Needs: All skilled players are always considered regardless of needs.

    Backup tank(Any class)-This would be a filler position only if the MT or OT were somehow unable to make raid or wanted to sit on a fight.
    Disc/Holy priest-Low
    Elemental shaman-High
    Enhancement shaman-High
    Feral druid-High
    Monk(Once MOP is released)-Medium: This is for people wanting to reroll Monk for MOP.
    Resto druid-low
    Resto sham-low
    Shadow priest-High

    If you're still reading on, then perhaps this could be a guild for you. Feel free to apply on our site at srsbusiness.wowstead.com or contact Zelse, Adavis, Raamm, or Lynari in game.

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    Still looking.

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    Still looking for a couple more.

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    Hi Zelse! Okay I guess my msg needs to be longer!

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    Could use a couple more for next week for the final push.

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