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    DPS Monk Rotation

    So, I haven't played around to much with the premade 85 monks, but I was just wondering, what do you guys think the rotation is going to be?

    I think it's going to have Jab to build Chi, then use (hell...I can't remember the names) the one move that does more damage if the mob is above 50% health and costs 1 Chi, followed by the ability that does 2 kicks and has a chance of doing a third, and last blackout kick(is that the name?) and maybe touch of death.

    Do you guys think we'll be using that Exploding Blossom ability or anything else?

    Sounds like a really simple rotation at the moment, any thoughts? What are you guys using?
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    The windwalker thread over at EJ pretty much covers everything you want to know. The OP updates the thread anytime something changes, so it's up to date.


    Scroll down to Combat Cycle.

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