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    ilvl 396 Lock w/ legendary LF heroic guild

    Hi! I'm hanky a 396 lock with the legendary staff currently 3/8 heroic but im looking for a more focused (10) guild for some heroic progression in MoP I am mostly available around 9-12ish I am in my normal BiS if you are looking for a dedicated lock for MoP (or DS progression even) I'm your man! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ypankie/simple

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    Hey Hanky! I'm Kurn, the GM of Apotheosis of Eldre'Thalas. We're a 25-man Alliance guild that's 6/8HM at the moment and we're seeking strong, skilled ranged DPS. If you can make our raid times, we'd love to see an app.

    We raid on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 9pm ET until 12am ET (invites at 8:45pm ET).

    Our website:


    All the other pertinent guild information is below. Would love to see an app from you!

    GM, Apotheosis of Eldre'Thalas

    Ask yourself what you're really looking for in a guild.
    - Do you really just want "phat lewtz"? Or do you want to be part of a real community?
    - Do you want to log on to raid and log off without talking to people you dislike in your current guild or raid group? Or do you want to have a good time while raiding and achieving something with like-minded others?
    - Do you want to raid in stony silence or, worse, get nerdraged at? Or do you want a friendly raid atmosphere where people chuckle and laugh and make jokes?

    We might just be what you're looking for.
    Apotheosis of Eldre'Thalas is a 25-man Alliance raiding guild. We are an active guild, both in-game and out, with raids three nights a week (Tues/Thurs/Sun from 9pm-12am ET, invites at 8:45pm), an alt run on Mondays, rated battlegrounds on Wednesdays and LFRs/old content runs fairly frequently.

    People are always talking to each other: our guild forums are super-active, we have a sizeable number of guildies on Twitter and many of the members also have active blogs. Several members play other games together as well, including SWTOR, League of Legends, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 and yes, likely Mass Effect 3 as well.

    Along with the community aspect, Apotheosis is a raiding guild that pushes for progression. Under our belts in Tier 13 is a server-first Heroic Hagara kill as well as server-first Fangs of the Father. We are the top 25-man guild on our server. All of this has been achieved in only nine hours of raiding a week.

    Current progression:
    T13: 6/8 HM (Morchok, Hagara, Yor'sahj, Zon'ozz, Ultraxion, Blackhorn)
    T12: 6/7 HM & Glory of the Firelands Raider
    T11: 7/13 HM

    Where are you located?
    We're Alliance-side on Eldre'Thalas-US, a PVE/EST server. Our website is: http://www.apotheosis-now.com/main/

    What are you looking for?
    Skilled & Experienced Ranged DPS
    1 Warlock
    1 Restoration Shaman
    1 Feral Druid tank (must be comfortable doing feral cat DPS)

    All appropriately-geared and experienced DPS classes are welcome to apply.

    When are your raids?
    We raid three hours a night, three hours a week for 9 hours of raiding.

    Tuesdays: 9pm ET - midnight ET
    Thursdays: 9pm ET - midnight ET
    Sundays: 9pm ET - midnight ET

    All raiders are expected to maintain 75% attendance (9 of 12 raids in a given month, roughly).

    Do you have a "bench"?
    We don't have a "bench" but we have people on standby most nights. People are swapped in and out with regularity, officers, raiders and initiates alike. It is rare that you will be sat for an entire evening. Swapouts usually occur around the halfway mark of the raid, around 10:30pm ET, or on a per boss basis. Raid invites go out at 8:45pm and guildies are expected to be online no later than 8:50pm ET so that we can pull promptly at 9pm.

    How do you deal with loot?
    We use the EPGP loot system with some variations on item costs.

    What benefits do I have as a raiding member of Apotheosis?
    - Guild repairs available 24/7, not just progression nights
    - Seafood Magnifique Feasts dropped prior to every boss pull
    - Cauldrons of Battle dropped twice every raid night for the low price of 2 flasks a week
    - Raider-ranked members may request enchants and gems for their main spec raiding gear from the guild bank for free
    - Steady progression, repeated boss kills
    - Reliable raiding schedule. Check our World of Logs calendar and you'll see that we raid very reliably and very regularly: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/97494/
    - Doing other stuff with guildies: 85 randoms, alt runs, arena or rated battlegrounds. We're a very active guild with a lot going on!

    How do I apply?
    Head over to our website at:


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask:

    Email (no RealID, sorry!): [email protected]
    Twitter: @kurnmogh

    [email protected]
    Guild Master, Apotheosis (A)
    Eldre'Thalas (US), PVE/EST
    Kurn's Guide to Being a Kick-Ass Guild Master: http://kurn.info
    Blog: http://kurn.apotheosis-now.com Guild Spotlights: http://www.youtube.com/user/kurnmogh/

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    Hi Hanky,

    My name is Destiny, Sett is my main and is a shadow priest looking for a life long DI partner. I see you mentioned 10 man but if you are willing we are a 25 man in need of a dedicated and skilled warlock. Here is a bit of info about us, get in touch with me asap so we can hop in vent and get you over here raiding before Tuesday.

    Left for Dead - 6/8 Heroic (Starting on spines third plate.)

    w w w. i f y o u g e t k i l l e d y o u d i e . c o m
    Faction - Horde
    Raid Comp - 25 HM
    Realm - US Nathrezim - medium pop
    Raiding Focus - Semi hardcore progression with a casual schedule
    18+ We are a progressive brotherhood (with a few drama free sisters) who PVE, PVP, and game outside of wow together nightly.
    Active and social guild environment.
    We are already practicing our care bear stare for Mists raiding.

    We are not recruiting to fill a wait list but are interested in recruiting quality raiders to fill a few casual player spots.

    We offer cauldrons, feasts, and repairs. EPGP loot system for off pieces, loot council for tier. Trials are given gear and we do have the ability to work with anyone to avoid benching / failed trials. Weekly ten man alt runs on Sunday night. Transmog and achievement runs off and on during the week.

    Raid Tues, Weds, Thurs, 7-10:30 MST
    Start time conversion below
    (6 PST, 8 CST,9 EST)

    Real ID me at ididestiny at a o l. c o m ( no spaces )

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    Ex Nihilo is a Horde guild, raiding 3 nights a week on Blackrock (PvP-PST), and we're looking for an additional raiders to booster our core as we progress into Dragon Soul heroics.

    Raid schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

    8:30pm to 11:30am EST 530pm - 830pm CST

    Hard-Mode Progression: Tier 11 8/13 heroics. FL: 6/7 HM. DS: 8/8 NM 6/8 heroic DS.

    Ex Nihilo, we pride ourselves in maintaining a close-knit community. We have been around since of Burning Crusade, and many of us are friends outside of the game. We transfered here from Lightbringer, as that was a dying horde server.

    Many of us work full time, parents, or students who share a strong desire to experience end game progression without spending all week playing or bouncing your head off your key keybroad wiping. We do take raiding seriously so we try to maximize are time.

    What we expect:

    Experience w/ all Dragon Soul NM encounters
    Minimum 383 ilvl
    Exceptional attendance
    Up-to-date on your class / off spec
    Know DS heroic enounters
    Previous raiding experience
    LOGS help

    One core raid slot is available for the following roles/classes:

    Melee DPS: Closed

    DPS Range (2 slot open): Lock/ Hunter / Shadow Priest

    Healer: Closed

    Exceptional players are always welcome to apply, regardless of class or spec.

    How to apply:

    Head to http: exnihiloguild.com

    You can also whisper Shyia, Ikillyou, or Agony

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    We are recruiting for a core position on one of our 10 man raiding teams. We currently have two 10 man teams which are both 5/8H. We will combine the teams and become a 25 man team for MOP.

    About us: Veritas is a Horde raiding guild on the Velen server 5/8 Heroic DS. We offer a mature raiding environment with a laid back atmosphere while still consistently pushing for progression. Having been one of the first guilds formed on our server, we also sport a long history on Velen. Since BC, Veritas has been a progressive guild with steadfast raiders who are determined to conquer the current content as quickly as possible.

    Our raid Days: Tue/Wed/Thur or Tue/Thur/Mon. Each 10 man runs on one set of those days, Whenever we go 25, we will vote on which set of days works best for our raiders. Raid Times are: 6:00 Server – 9:00 Server. With invites going out at 5:45 Server (server is on Pacific time)

    Our Server: Velen is a medium population PVE server with slightly more Alliance than horde (60/40). However, Horde has more progression in PVE than the Alliance side. The economy is strong and AH prices are quite reasonable. Our guild is currently ranked 7th on our server and because of our return to 25 mans and our level of talent we believe we have a good chance at server 1sts during MOP.

    Loot System: For 25 mans, we will be utilizing an EP/GP loot system with everyone starting out on an even playing field with the release of MoP. Until then, the 10 mans will be Free Roll on MS, then OS. *We do a trial period for new recruits, during this trial they may roll on loot but it will be rewarded to full members first. Once you have proven your ability to attend raids on time and be an asset to the team you will be promoted to full “raider” status. You will likely still receive many upgrades as a “trial” depending on your gear needs.

    What we expect: Must have an exceptional understanding of your class. Flawless attendance; raiding needs to be a priority to you. Correct gemming, glyphing, speccing and reforging. If you can justify a variation from accepted best practice, we're all ears. Good internet and computer. Constant DC’s are not accepted and will cause you to lose your raid spot .If you are a highly skilled player, please apply even if your class is closed. We are always looking for strong members

    If this sounds like a good fit for you Contact Paticakes in Game- [email protected] ( Real-Id) or Nyte in Game- [email protected] We would love to hear from you!

    Guild Website (for info and to Apply!): www.veritasgamers.enjin.com

    Wow Progress Link: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/velen/Veritas

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    Working on the third plate currently, should def see a kill of spine this week, and of course finishing off the tier!

    We run a light roster(28-30) so being able to maintain 90% attendance rate is paramount to both the guilds and your own success as part of the team. We have very limited spots available as the core of the roster has been growing and has been very steady since the tail end of last tier, we are really looking ot make a strong push to crack the top 100 US Madness kills(currently at 4/8 pre nerf we sat 132nd). We are a social guild and most people really do like each other, outside of raid times you can find League of Legends games, Dota2, SC2, BF3, as well as alt stuff, old raids, and pvp stuff so there is something for all. This is not a guild where 90% of the raiders are only online or in mumble for raids, it is a pretty active guild.

    Sunday thru wed 8:30-12:00 EST

    Bless the Martyr in the News

    Contact Information
    My realid(GM and Raid Leader): [email protected]
    Recruitment lead realid:[email protected]
    Email(fast communication during the day tied to my phone): [email protected]
    Or you can txt 773-915-3643

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    Retribution of Alleria is 6/8H with a solid team. We raid 1130pm-230am cst (930-1230 pacific) tues/thurs/sun. If you can hit these times we may be very worth your time to look into. Respond on this website if you need to get ahold of me.

    GM, Retribution

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