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    Hunter speed leveling MoP

    Whilst having a head start on gear and time on my hands when MoP arrives, i am aiming to go for realm first Hunter at 90.

    I've never gone for anything like this before so im wondering what others will be doing in order to achieve this. Which spec looks the most viable to use for bursting down mobs? Looks like BM from the beta, but much will change before then.

    Self healing will certainly be nice for this and we have much of it on the Beta, but i'm not looking forward to dropping 2 piece T13 in favour of greens.

    Any tips and tricks people are going to use, or too afraid of sharing ideas among other hunters? :P

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    Personally I'm going BM. I'm not trying too hard for realm first, but would be nice. In Cata I was 1 hour behind first 85 hunter, and I slept for 6 hours

    Not really only hunter tip, but be sure to stack up on flasks, foods, potions etc. and empty your bags :P

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    Yep i am going to prepare potions/flasks/food and such before hand. Also waiting for the quests on beta to become bug free to do a run through so all of them are known inside out before hand.

    Disengage glyph will be nice for moving quickly between mobs also.

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    inb4 you get stuck in login screen and have no choice but to get realm first proffessions. Like i.

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    The best bet is to do beta or talk to someone who has and get an idea for quests that you can do. The next thing is look for large grinding areas in between your zones and quests. Anything with a large number in the area you r level or 1 higher is perfect for a hunter or warlock. A good example is grinding mammoths in Borean tundra over by fizzfank air strip. These type's of area's coupled with with quests are the most efficient. MM used to provide a good spec that was endless focus for questing. @ arcane 1 chimera = dead mob. Not sure how well it will work with all the MoP changes.

    Then there is always a partner. someone to plat or grinfd the mobs while you rest. Friend of mine was realm first DK in Wrath, and he would go 4 on 2 off , with his wife playing those 2 hours. It all is about how serious you wanna be about it. good luck.

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    I am thinking about everything like that. Although in cata the server first 85's on our realm power leveled through BRC to level 82 and then quested after that, being the only ones in the higher level zones. Pretty clever, but im wondering if anything like that can be done in MoP. The instances don't seem very rewarding XP wise to me.

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    If its anything like cata, doing the instances once to clear the quests is always a good idea.

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    Anything but Survival probably. Chimera Shot is the shot with the largest weapon damage % we have, apart from Cobra Shot (but I doubt that will stay as strong as it is). But with Kill Command on a 25 yard range, BM won't have to wait for a pet to get in melee range with a target.

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    Ill get all my food/buffs/pots/flags's rdy befor the night, made a macro to target the first quest giver just in case there is to meny ppl standing on top of him

    When it come's to spec i think ill go Sv with Spirit Bond talent and glyph for 10% healing.,

    There is alot of stuff you can do and i know that Kripparrian made 2 videos about how he did and stuff


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    Use beta to determine the best route for levelling. Know which quests are worth skipping because they take too long and aren't pre-requisites for better quests. Certain levels might be faster in dungeons than quests if you have a dedicated group.

    You can do some prepwork outside of the game too. Don't stock up on pizza pockets or anything like that, you'll just be hungry again in a couple hours and it won't give you any energy. Pre-make some deli sandwiches or other easy-to-eat-no-mess food. One of those fruit platters from Costco is also a good idea for snacking.

    If you don't have any family responsibilities or irregular work hours you can adjust your sleep schedule over a couple weeks before launch. Start going to bed 30-60 minutes earlier than normal and setting your alarm earlier and earlier. By the time MoP launches you should be going to bed shortly after you get home from work (lke 5-6pm) and waking up just before midnight, fully rested.

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    I'm trying to convince our MT and our disc priest to just rip through content on the way to 90. He's a human warrior, our priest is a gnome priest, I'm a worgen hunter, so there's no overlapping of realm firsts, and we're the top in our respective classes on our server, in full H-DS gear (Finally got H-Kiril to drop last week, jesus).

    Last xpac, the whole "pre-load on 25 daily quests to turn in" didn't really work since on our server XP seemed to be turned off for about 10 minutes (don't know if other servers experienced that). IF that doesn't work, the key will be to get the pre-req quests to get into Pandaria first (it won't be funneled like the boat to Vash this time) and then ASAP get into the new instances. I don't know if 86 will allow us to leave Jade Forest, but I think leaving the first zone asap will be key to a realm first.

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    How long will 85-90 take in the beta at the moment? Is it like cata with like 15hr for normal playing or more like wrath with several days?

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    Slim chances if you go solo. In my server last two expansions' realm firsts were done in dungeons. In Wrath I went 100% questing solo and was behind hour or two versus realm first lvl 80. In Cata we rushed to level 82 in BRC and after that I did quests in duo. Hour or two behind server first 85. Under 1h behind my own class realm first (was second 85 of my own class). Of course both expansions had some pretty awesome instances with high saturated ammount of trash mobs. UK, Nexus, DTK in WotLK. BRC and Lost City in Cata. Of course if all we get is like Hour of Twilight instances with full of time consuming gimmicks and barely no trash (Hour of Twilight got barely 10 packs of trash most of them having 3 or so mobs) then by all means quests are a lot faster way. But even then unless you are fully decked in DS heroic gear with some crazy dedication chances are slim. Or just transfer to dead server and enjoy free server first.

    Quote Originally Posted by Draeblin View Post
    How long will 85-90 take in the beta at the moment? Is it like cata with like 15hr for normal playing or more like wrath with several days?
    As far as I know Jade Forest is only zone open and level cap is 86.
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