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    EverQuest 2 not working.

    It stops at my backround downloader and I can`t start the game. What I should to do??

    It says: Anable to download HTTP...

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    Why not go to the everquest forums?

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    don't bother with eq2.

    i got back on, borrowed some pp, got a gold sub ( you cant wear any gear worth playing on a FTP btw, or use any spells worth it )
    got enough borrowed pp to also buy the velious xpac. two outdoor zones of content ( garbage, quests done within 10 hourss played time ) tower of frozen shadow was boring and too easy. raids are garbage; dont even bother just uninstall it.

    Skyshrine raid on the 17th. which leads to sleepers tomb on the next update. Kerafyrm is wanting to rebuild Luclin and reuse it's magic to open a portal to Plane of Time to kill Rallos and Mayong; among the other gods.

    After that happens EQ:Next should come out. Wait for that. I just spoiled the story. No point in playing.

    Also, an antire new expansion was release, age of discovery. gives you nothing but the beastlord and merc's. sooooo boring.

    EQ:Next "should" be worth it.
    I was a Death's Demise.
    Those were the good old days.

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