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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildmoon View Post
    If Portal was 10 Diablo 3 should be 11.
    Portal is awesome, and D3 (hopefully) will be awesome, there is no need for a clear winner.

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    This is Blizzard, they will buy a 95 metacritic rating with ad buys and any gaming news site who defies them will be blacklisted from their PR events.

    They don't need any gaming news coverage, the gaming news needs them.

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    I've never played D2 or the first in the series, but I've seen enough videos over the years about D2 that I'm able to rate D3 from my Beta experience. I so far like the aspect of D3 gameplay wise. Seems well polished and was very addicting! I would say 8.7/10 just to be different =]
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    I've played beta. It's 10 material. But 9 is acceptable.

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    I'd give it a 9 because everything about the game rules except for its skill UI and the loss of the regular Battle.Net lobby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbones View Post
    I don't see how D3 will outlast SC2 multiplayer wise, you play through it with a friend, beat it and walla! uninstall...SC2 has leaderboards etc. I mean how many times can you play through the same exact story/areas in co-op before it gets old
    D3 and SC2 are totally different games. You simply can't compare them and I can't explain to you why so many people kept playing D2 for so many years.

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    A better expansion.
    9/10 because every big game gets that no matter if its good or not.

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    Since when does IGN ever rate games anything lower than 10?

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    Nothing makes me angrier than these stupid ratings and scores, because any big title will be bought off to get a 9/10 at least. Diablo 3 won't get lower than a 9/10 because activision will pay everyone and their mother off to give it good scores
    The Main, aka the only one that matters
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    Quote Originally Posted by HatsHatsHats View Post
    activision will pay everyone and their mother off to give it good scores
    things worked out better than we had planned • now everything's ruined, yeah

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    It often forces me to take abilities i really dont want at all and some passive abilities are just so hurtfull with their "nobrain" choice it makes my eyes bleed... therefore again,they are stripping you of actual choice
    No, they really aren't. I've flopped between main attack runes on the Monk I have in the beta so many times that there should be virtual wear on the menu. If I want to clear a ton of people out, I pick the Piercing Trident rune. If I want knockback, I go Fists of Thunder with the Thunderclap rune. I haven't played D2 in literally forever, but I distinctly remember having to re-roll because the build I made just simply didn't work at all and made my character unplayable. That's not choice, that's shitty design. If you want to have to look information up online just to get your character to function, then continue to play D2, because I haven't heard anything about them stopping D2. I'd much rather play a game where my character both works and offers me the ability to choose between things like stuns, superior AoE and knockback versus one a game that keeps me from experiencing it because I have to push the buttons in the correct order.

    What it really should get is the Duke Nukem Forever treatment to be honest.
    Why? DNF was an over-hyped game that was truly garbage in all respects, where D3 is a seamless experience and a fantastic game that plays great and looks great. I feel extremely confident in saying that if this game was renamed and put out by an indie studio, people would be praising this game for being a marquee title and 'revolutionizing the industry', and that's honestly pathetic when personal hatred for the developer/hard-core nostalgia clouds your judgement on the game.

    From my brief time flirting with the beta, I'd go with 8.0 - 8.5. It's nothing ground-breaking, so 9.0 or 9.5 seems a bit high, but it was still a solid game imo, and felt enough like Diablo.
    I'd agree with this. I'd also posit that since we don't get a ton of available features in the beta that the full game will have, if those other features are as good (if not better) than the beta offering, this game could easily score high 80s and low 90s. It's still not truly revolutionizing anything, just making a lot of clunky things not clunky and streamlining existing features to make them less cumbersome, which is fantastic but not brain-explosive.

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    I'm pretty sure the game reporting media will be nerd-gasming so intensely because blizzard released Diablo 3 that it will get top scores whether it deserve them or not.

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