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  • SW:TOR

    139 22.86%
  • Rift

    26 4.28%
  • AION

    62 10.20%
  • Guild Wars 2

    16 2.63%
  • Age of Conan

    97 15.95%
  • Warhammer Online

    71 11.68%

    147 24.18%
  • WoW:Cataclysm

    50 8.22%

Thread: Most failed MMO

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    Most failed MMO

    Hi everyone,

    I recently quit SW:TOR finally conceding that it has failed to live up to its hype.

    With this in mind, I wanted to figure out what you guys thought was the biggest MMO failure

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    Tabula Rasa barely made it a year, if it made a year at all. Warhammer Online completely failed to live up to...well anything.

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    Final Fantasy 14. When a group such as Square Enix have to apologise for the appauling state of their own game and even offer free play time, you know it's not good.

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    The Lightbringer dragothica's Avatar
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    From those I've tried it's Warhammer Online probably.

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    Warchief StarbuyPWNDyou's Avatar
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    Not sure if it was commercially the biggest failing, but gameplay wise it was DEFINITELY FFXIV.
    maybe the rarest pepe was the friends we made along the way

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    In before Aion. Which actually did very well, maybe not so much over here but mainly in Asia. Pretty sure it was up there as the most played MMO there.

    For me i'd say DC universe, i played it with a friend and it was pretty fun. Got to max level and was bored within two days or so, joining max level dungeons and getting no healers or tanks sucked. And so many annoying things within the game, it's a shame really it sounded like it would be good.

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    Gonna go with SWTOR. They had a chance to make a groundbreaking product set in a world that already had tens of millions hooked. Instead, they made a WoW clone with less features. Hugely disappointing.
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    FF14 by far.

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    I'm pretty sure auto assault has all those titles beat.

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    Not sure why you even have Guild Wars 2 in the poll as it isn't even out yet.

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    APB--->All Points Bulletin`, a GTA-like MMO which was rumoured to have costed over 100M$ and barely lasted 3 months, i'd say it's pretty much THE flop.

    Dot like there's no tomorrow.

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    What about the LOTR MMO.. Had a lot of potential.. ended up F2P too. =/

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    GW2 Shouldnt be in this pole....

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    Warhammer Online for me.

    Just a question, why is GW2 even in there? How can a game that hasn't even been released have failed?

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    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It was touted as a WoW killer, I thought I'd give it a try. I spent more time trying to install the game than I ever did playing it. And don't think I didn't give it a go, because it took over 2 days to install it. All the while, I played some WoW battlegrounds lol.

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    Warhammer for me, following every news for years and then be so disappointed by bad gameplay and features that didn't make the game

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    Guild wars 2 isn't out yet, how can you say something has failed before it even released...
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    how can gw2 fail already? rofl.

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    Anyone Remember Hellgate London =P That game was horrable

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    Why did you add a game that is not even released? (Why not add MoP aswell?)

    Anyway... I vote for Rift.
    If there was an "Other" option, I would vote for a game that FunCom made for childrens (Pet vs Monsers). A fun MMO game I guess.. If you like spiders
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