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    How are priests doing these days?

    Hey there! I'm thinking about starting a priest as an alt.. and i was just wondering how priests are doing these days? Been a while since i've played this game so if someone could give me just a quick intro on how they're doing that would be great! Are SPriests any good in pvp? PvP is mostly what i do so..

    Anyways.. Thanks in advance

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    PvE: 25 and 10 man, priests are capable of pulling some of the highest DPS at the moment. The stand-still tank and spank fight of the tier, Ultraxion, I'd argue is where our class struggles the most to compete, which honestly isn't very much at all. Discipline is still a strong healing spec, and holy is not too-shabby for AoE healing fights. Overall, priests are strong classes in PvE.

    PvP: Holy is pretty much non-viable in higher-ranked PvP. Any priests playing holy do not have the same utility and useful cooldowns that come with discipline, and are necessary to win. Discipline is, personally, one of the better healers at the moment. Shadow PvP is interesting. It is very competitive in a DoT Cleave, such as shadowplay. However, outside of certain comps, shadow (in my own opinion) is a bit underpowered at the moment. You will commonly find yourself being trained in many comps.

    Overall: Priest good. Be priest. I like priest.

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    Priest is doing pretty well atm. For pvp, disc is more viable in a lot more comps than shadow. Shadow is viable in certain comps though.

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