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    I can honestly say pretty much nothing. I met my girlfriend on the 26th of April last year, and to my recollection which is pretty accurate about these things, I haven't cried once during the (almost) year that's preceded, and before then I can't recall so easily. I've never cried when at funerals or anything, be they of close or distant family members, and i've never cried during any movies either, nor did I cry before or after the surgery a couple of years ago which involved the bones in my feet getting broken/shaved/reset.

    I think i'm the stereotypical stiff-upper-lip guy, only that statement often implies that emotion is being held back which it really isn't for me as they're not there in the first place. I sometimes worry, stressed, bored, and I often get angry (pretty much any time I have to drive anywhere as there's always someone on the road whom fate decrees will be the individual to get horribly in my way), but so too am I very often in a positive mood, unafraid to laugh and joke, and have a good conversation about interesting things, but crying really isn't a 'thing' for me; perhaps something will come along in life to change that naturally, but from my past experiences thus far it would have to be a pretty big thing; the birth of my first child perhaps, but then that would be tears of joy in any case.
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    Game called To the Moon. Check it out on google. It made me cry 2 times in 20min and I was crying like a little baby

    Edit: Oh and death of Aeris in Final Fantasy 7.
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    50/50 a lot of the scenes from it.

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    When Rohirrim rides in to attack at both Helmsdeep and Minas Tirith, the pure awesome I felt then made me cry tears of joy.

    I rarely cry because I feel sad about something that happen in the movies, I just sometimes cry because the pure awesome is too much for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post

    First four minutes of "Up".
    Why must you do this to me?! Damn rivers, I tell you!

    That scene along with:

    Hooch dying in Turner & Hooch.

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    The end of Schlindlers List where Oscar Schindler breaks down brings me close to tears, a little clenched in the throat.

    Pokemon : The Movie (First one) is a gut wrencher too when Ash is petrified from mew/mewtwo's attacks colliding.

    Theres loads of random stuff that gets to everyone once in a while even if they're not prepared to admit it. Everyone eventually finds something to bring a tear to their eye (Other than onions).
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    Quote Originally Posted by TigglyBiggly View Post
    The Seymour episode of Futurama, also the pokemon movie.
    Totally this. Cartoon animals have some weird effect on me it seems.

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    Dogs dying or being in great distress. every time.

    Elfen Lied really caught me by surprise and it ruined the whole series for me as it has a really bad taint for me. Shame i was enjoying it

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    no one with the obligatory onions joke?
    well they make me cry

    and when I catch a cold...

    and laughing too hard...

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    Futurama seems to be pretty good at gettin people, seen it mentioned more than a few times in this.

    from the movie "I Am Legend" with Will Smith, when his dog gets bit and then proceeds turning int a zombie dog, then he had to finish him so sad.
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    Oh, and Life Is Beautiful. I need to see that movie again, the high school English teacher that showed it to me is automatically on my "best teacher of all time" list (if such a thing existed).
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    Steins;Gate, very good anime... Heart wrenching in my opinion.
    Pokemon Movie (as others have said).
    Thoughts of my passed pets.
    The thought of something horrible happening to my best friend and friends.

    That's all I can think of right now.

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    I cry very little, though there is one thing, which gets me to shred a tear, every time I see it.

    The death of Gin's father, Riki. And the speech he makes before dying;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post

    First four minutes of "Up".

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    When Titanic sank and the song My Heart Will Go On starts playing, I always cry and people near me crying will make me cry as much as them...

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    When it's time for one of my animals to pass away... horrible feeling.
    Paul and Chani's romance and Leto II's sacrifice from Dune.
    Truly heroic sacrifices in narratives will get me teary sometimes.

    This got me everytime when I was younger.
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    getting kicked in the nuts hard.
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    besides when I was small and cried from pain,

    Theres not really anything that makes me cry, a lot of things that upset me, but physically show them no?

    As many people have described me at times, I have the emotions of a rock, pain, death, guilt, you name it I didnt show it
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    If we're talking fictional works that can make us cry, the only thing that's done it to me since I was small was Shane's death in Walking Dead.

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