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    Bromance scenes in various war-movies.

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    i dropped manly tears with my 2 favourite animes , evangelion and gintama , also did with steins;gate and G.T.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    If we're talking fictional works that can make us cry, the only thing that's done it to me since I was small was Shane's death in Walking Dead.
    The guy was a douche, he had it coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    First four minutes of "Up".
    Oh damn... I remember that so much... I didn't cry but damn I felt like crying ALOT. I had to hold it back, was probably the saddest family movie intro I have ever seen.
    The only thing that ever made me cry was pretty much Shadow of the Colossus ending.

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    The scene in pokemon the movie where ash basically dies and he comes back to live because of pokemon tears.

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    The end Forrest Gump, every damn time!!

    That damn feather, something about it sets me off after hes been waiting for the bus with his son.
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    Lost Odyssey, the fact that he's 1,000 years old is understood only as a sort of concept. Then you read stories where every single child/wife/friend has dies around him and it makes it real.

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    I cry at about every sad anime/movie. I'm the biggest crybaby ever when things get emotional.
    The last thing that got me to shed waterfalls from my eyes was in naruto even.. (almost ashamed to admit it) when naruto meets his mother kushina and her great love for him gets shown in all the flashbacks. God..that really got me going, didn't expect something so emotional in an anime like that.
    There are just too many things to list that make me cry, strangely enough I also do 'victory' crying when certain scenes play (taking the Lion King as an example, when simba finally climbs pride rock at the end and roars). I'm a neverending source of tears

    Also this one:

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    Lots of pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zombina View Post
    Saddest movie ever
    Not cool, dude. Not cool...
    Did you know that if you close your eyes, stick your tongue out of your mouth and pretend to shake invisible salt on your tongue, you'll actually be able to taste salt?

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    This scene really got to me man. It built me up then filled me with sorrow =(

    Every time man every time =(

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    Most Pokemon Movies ;_;

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    The last episode of Babylon 5: "Sleeping in Light"
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    A swift kick to the gentlemen's area.

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    Jurassic bark episode of futurama is so damn sad. Also the movie Marley and Me kills me everytime

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    Brian's Song. That is all.

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    Yup, first four minutes of "Up" for me as well, Hachiko the movie, and those moments in movies/series where friends/family get brought back together or something (i.e. a missing daughter being returned to her mother after days)
    Some moments in the Kingdom Hearts-series.

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    Adam Sandler dying in Click.

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    Marley and me, so sad. And the lion king, some of the music alone can make cry XD
    Plenty of other movies will make me all teary, but I cant think of any else right now.

    And thinking about my grandfather, impossible to keep the tears away then for me. Just can't get over the loss of him.

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