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    Class that require most skill ?

    Hey so i played my frost mage for a while. But tbh i don`t like being OP and only needing to use frostbolt or icelance.
    I want a class that require alot of skill. Don`t really mather if its OP or not.
    What is your opinion ? What class require most skill ?
    Thank you

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    This discussion can only lead to rage wars but here is my opinion:
    Pve: Feral druid,Warlock
    PvP: Rogue

    But really its a bad question, some classes require more skill to learn the basics, while others require more skill to MASTER the class.

    Have fun thread.

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    warrior maybe? or hunters.

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    I agree with Rakash. There are some classes that took me longer to get the "basics" down pat but after that it was cake to pretty much get all the small bits and there were others that after learning the easy basics I was surprised to find out that I had to really work to master the class to push out that extra dps or preform that extra task in raid or to gain the advantage over someone in PvP. I think some classes appear to be very easy based on their basics, but not many people are not able to master their finer points. I would submit that Death Knights are one of those classes that after you get the incredibly easy basics, you run into this problem where it becomes hard to balance everything in PvP (Dmg, resources, cooldowns, and everything.) While this can be said for all classes, deathknights have the most "complicated" recourse system to work with and if you dont do it perfectly, you can find yourself without any abilities to cast and that means you are screwed.

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    From what a lot of people say, Sub rogue for PvP. However, playing it for a long time, I don't feel that myself. But then I struggle with playing as an offensive caster, although I would consider myself an above-average player at healing.

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    Imo the hardest* classes to play are:

    PvE Tank: DK
    PvE Healer: Druid
    PvE DPS: Everyone but Arcane mages
    PvP : Hunter

    Edit: *As in require more skill and situational awareness than the others due to class design and abilities.

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    Like "What class should I play?", this is a rather pointless thread. Closing

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