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    -Best Friend: Draco Malfoy
    -Lover:Harry Potter
    -Enemy:Harry Potter
    -Twin Wand With:Ron Weasley
    -First Kiss:Harry Potter
    -Killed By:Harry Potter


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    -Best Friend: George Weasley
    -Lover: Bellatrix Lestrange
    -Enemy: Luna Lovegood
    -Twin Wand With: Ron Weasley
    -First Kiss: Ginny Weasley
    -Killed By: Harry Potter (I knew i shouldn't have kissed Ginny)
    Huh... i'm a bit too involved with the Weasley family me thinks
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    -Best Friend: Hermione Granger (bloody friendzone...)
    -Lover: Draco Malfoy (also, I'm apparently bi.)
    -Enemy: Luna Lovegood (Phew, this one was a relief. What is she gonna do? Talk nonsense to me? Ha!)
    -Twin Wand With: Bellatrix Lestrange (good ol' Bella. Always liked her sense of humor and general lighthearted stance on life. )
    -First Kiss: Draco Malfoy (god dammit, fine, he was also my first)
    -Killed By: Luna Lovegood (oh for fucks sake, looks like I vastly underestimated her.)

    I've lived and died in shame

    Still waters run deep.

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    -Best Friend: Hagrid
    -Twin Wand With:George W.
    -First Kiss:Voldemort
    -Killed By:Bellatrix.
    Well, the enemy, and killed by makes sense, but the first kiss? No thanks! Neither the lover.

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    Best Friend - Neville Longbottom.
    Lover - Fred Weasley
    Enemy - Severus Snape...
    Twin Wand With - Neville Longbottom
    First Kiss - Albus Dumbledore LOL
    Killed By - Luna Lovegood. One of my favourite characters. Damn.
    I now issue a new commandment: "Thou shalt do the dance"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lared0n View Post
    -First Kiss:Voldemort

    but the first kiss? No thanks!
    Maybe you kissed him while he was still Tom Riddle before he lost his nose lmao.

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    -Best Friend: Ron Weasley O.O
    -Lover: Ginny Weasley
    -Enemy: Lord Voldemort
    -Twin Wand With: Albus Dumbledore
    -First Kiss: Ginny Weasley
    -Killed By: Lord Voldemort... Dammit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caersan View Post
    -Best Friend: Ron Weasley O.O
    -Lover: Ginny Weasley
    -Enemy: Lord Voldemort
    -Twin Wand With: Albus Dumbledore
    -First Kiss: Ginny Weasley
    -Killed By: Lord Voldemort... Dammit!
    Are you Harry Potter? o.O

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    -Best Friend: Voldemort
    -Lover: Neville Longbottom
    -Enemy: Ginny Weasley
    -Twin Wand With: Sirius Black
    -First Kiss: Ginny Weasley
    -Killed By: Luna Lovegood


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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    Are you Harry Potter? o.O
    I don't think he can be. Wasn't Harry's first kiss with Cho?

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    LOL, mine were awesome and hilarious (to me).
    Best Friend: Luna Loovegood
    Things got off to a good start. I was like "nice, Luna is awesome and I would totally be best friends with her."
    Lover: Severus Snape
    This is where things started to go downhill.
    Enemy:George Weasley
    What the hell? George (and fred) and I would be swell friends, I think. WHY, RANDOM FORUM GAME! WHY?!?!?!
    Twin Wand With:Hagrid
    Except mine is disguised as a purple polka dotted umbrella. Gots ta be stylin' yo!
    First Kiss: Severus Snape
    REALLY! REALLY?!?! not only is he my lover, but ALSO my first kiss? Come on forum game. What are you doing to me!?
    Killed By:Neville Longbottom
    Ahhh, Neville, it could only have been you! lol

    this was fun

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