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Thread: Pale or Tan?

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    Pale or Tan?

    So MMOC posters, how do you prefer your women/men? Pale or tan? My personal preference is pale skin. Not just on white girls either, but any race. The best looking black women are ones like Beyonce or Tyra Banks, who have a very light, almost caramel colored skin. And the best looking asian girls are whiter than white people ^.^;

    So what do you think? Tell whether you like men or women, and if you prefer pale skin or tanned skin. The poll will be up momentarily, so don't ask about it.
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    I prefer pale as well, when I see someone who is tan it just reminds me how much of a vampire I really am. *steps out into sun, promptly burns and stays red for a week*.

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    Honestly, it's a case by case. I know this one girl from back home that's dark skinned and she's dead gorgeous. I couldn't imagine her in any other skin tone either.

    Yeah, I'd have to say case by case. A lot of the time you see someone beautiful, and then you take a quality of theirs and abstract it to generalize your taste; I guess it just depends on your 'inspiration'.

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    Pandaren Monk Yosef1015's Avatar
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    tan women, i live in southern california, pale women are very rare and unusual

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    Absolute is right. It varies so much with the skin. A tanned brunnette is very sexy. A pale redhead is very sexy. A dyed-haired blonde is never sexy :P

    I didn't vote in your poll because you didn't have an option for it changing on a case by case scenario.

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    women pale skin, i don't know why just do /shrug maybe jersey shore had something to do with it. >.< i hit the wrong poll option
    I'd torture a thousand souls just to see her smile.

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    Pale all the way

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    My vote goes for pale, like the girl in my avatar, or Kate beckinsale in Underworld.

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    Tan men please!
    But, there's a few exceptions.

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    When thinking about it, looks like I prefer people that is concidered pale. I really don't see them as pale though. They are often in between. Pale is when your skin gets this odd white filter, often when a person is ill.

    I guess I am rather "pale" myself, so maybe that is why. I used to prefer myself and other white people to be tanned. Looks like that has changed.

    Basicly, I like pale if you've still got some life in your skin. Pale with flat skin isn't pretty.

    Also, I have a huge preference for white people and asians. I am white myself, as mentioned.

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    I like both. Though there is a limit for tan. Some people just overdo that by a lot. And that is downright disgusting in extreme cases.

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    Studies generally show that women prefer tan men and men prefer pale women. It's evolutionary.

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    I like pale...

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    Pale, or maybe more in-between. I don't like dark tans but some color's alright.

    I'm a sucker for pale girls with light freckles though :3

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    IDFK, I don't think I care much either way.... but the woman I consider the hottest in the world is tanned so I guess tan... (Voted tan)

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    Bloodsail Admiral Supajayare's Avatar
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    I like tan women, just not jersey shore tan to the point where it looks really unnatural.

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    The Lightbringer Yilar's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supajayare View Post
    I like tan women, just not jersey shore tan to the point where it looks really unnatural.
    I agree with this. Not the over the top tan, but the i've been out in the sun doing the summer tan is nice. I guess you could say I prefer the september tan over the april tan

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    I like tan women, but only if it's a natural tan, or looks natural. I don't find Oompa Loompa's attractive.

    Also: Pale skinned redheads are the exception,
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    there are varying degrees of pale to tan.
    do you mean tan like leather sickly tanning?
    pale as in never getting any sunlight pale?

    i don't have much of a preference as long as it isn't the disgusting extremes.

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    I like a bit of healthy color in both.

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