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  • Tan Men

    7 3.74%

Thread: Pale or Tan?

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    Light tan. I'm not talking orange.
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    I, like a dumbass, picked the wrong choice. I prefer tan women (chose pale women). Depending on how pale, I feel like it just looks rather sickly. ; /

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    Women that go tanning all the time and look like oompa loompas are not very attractive but neither are women that are so pale they look like a vampire. I guess somewhere in between but more towards tan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moondance View Post
    The fuck? Brown skin is in the same category?
    If a naturally pale person is tanned to a brown crisp - yes, it's unnatural. At least, it's what I meant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moondance View Post
    The fuck? Brown skin is in the same category?
    I think he meant white people that turn brown. Those do exist, and it looks absolutely horrible.

    This is pretty close to what I have seen at the beach in Norway;

    Worst case I have seen, was when I was 14 and met a woman with a similar skin to this one on the picture above, if not worse. On top of it she had light blonde hair and iceblue eyes. It was just wrong looking at it.

    That said, white people that have been that brown, and more brown, have always been old people(out of those I have seen IRL) so might be a case of the skin changing it's way of progressing the colour when it's old and dying.

    Though, this norwegian 17 year old that recently were in the newspaper because she's obsessed with being tan.. isn't that far from it;
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    Depends, I prefer a natural tan rather than an oompa loompa that goes to the tanning bed everyday.

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    There appear to be people in this topic who are offended and seem to be looking for racism in the poll. The thing is that the concept of racism or rather not being racist doesn't really work when it comes to chosing what/who you are (sexually) attracted to...

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    Not orange. Other than that, I don't have a real preference.

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    Tanned women all the way.
    But thats just my oppinion.. :-)

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    The paler, the better.

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