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  • Lore

    10 4.59%
  • Flavor of the Month

    3 1.38%
  • Class Mechanics

    173 79.36%
  • DPS/Healing Hybrid

    27 12.39%
  • Looks Good in Armor

    5 2.29%
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    Why do you play your Priest?

    I was curious why people played the class that they play as there are a wide number of reasons. For me I usually go off the classes lore, and if I like it, I make it work in PvP one way or another! I was curious though, what is the main reason you rolled your Priest, whether it is a main or alt, what made you want to play one?

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    I've been trying to level mine up, pretty much so I can grief people with Leap of Faith. =) Which is also the reason I made it in the first place. Also. Gnomes!

    Furthermore, I enjoy the idea of being able to let die stupid people who stand in stuff they shouldn't.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Nuvuk's Avatar
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    Cause I want a healer but I may also use my Pally for that. Also my priest is my enchanter and tailor.

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    I chose Class Mechanics.

    As soon as I saw a Shadow Priest, standing there all glowing and badass looking. That was the class for me.

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    Ranged/Healing hybrid and class mechanics. I could also go with Druid, but I don't like their style of healing, or Shaman, but I don't like their style of DPS.

    + Gnome Priest. I mean...Gnome Priests.

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    So, you're just copy/pasting your post into new threads with different class names in the title?
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    "It's clear this is another bash Apple thread. Such things are not conducive to a good discussion."

    WRONG! Those are the BEST discussions!

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    Herald of the Titans Ynna's Avatar
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    I started being a Priest because I wanted to heal, and the WoW-website said that Priests were the best healers. This turned out to be false, since at the time Druids and Paladins where a lot better. But leveling as Holy taught me that there's nothing a Priest can't do and that they have a tool for every situation. So I kept playing it, mostly healing in dungeons. And turns out, Priest is the best class in the game.
    Resurrected Holy Priest

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    Never had so much fun lvling an char than i had with my priest (went the energizer way (when u were able to place points in any tree at any lvl)
    At that time i had a tank (alt) and a Mage (main), but my strict 10man guild i was in had 2 priest healers (Disc/Holy with the Disc Priest being shadow occasionally) (WotLK era), both awesome players and both made me want to try out priest.

    Addicted ever since, the mechanics are fun and the arsenal we have to heal with is just to much fun.
    Not to mention shadow, great spec to play with. No perma pet <3 and awesome shadow form, using shadow to just walk around in SW (unglyphed) is something i always do and if u got awesome transmog gear its even better (even tho u dont see the colours, but the shape of the gear makes it good)

    The guild fell, and i helped out an old guildy forming a new guild and that was the moment i switched main to the priest.
    Never looked back (still i miss blink on priest tho) and i never will.

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    it's simply fun. Whatever you do as a priest is fun, at every stage of this game priest have been fun playing. It was not always easy being a priest, but the fun is in the challange, right?

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    To kill people with LoF muhahaha

    I've always loved the prototype of healing characters in every game I've played. When I started playing wow I went for what it seemed the most healing-oriented class ^^
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    Stood in the Fire ODDLAWL's Avatar
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    I find that I really do love healing with a priest, since I've tried healing with every other class out there.

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    The Lightbringer
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    Class mechanics of course. Seems like priests are quite unique when it comes to this in comparison to the other class forums where there doesn't exist an unambiguous opinion.

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    As a haeler I just enjoy how it plays (mechanics). Can't really put my finger on what it is though, tried healing on other classes but it just didn't feel right :P

    Not a huge fan of shadow but it's by far not the worst dps spec to play i've played either

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    Because I like to melt faces.

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    The Undying Winter Blossom's Avatar
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    “Winter is here”
    Who doesn't love their Priest, is the better question.

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    Bloodsail Admiral glowzone's Avatar
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    Bucket of sponges
    Mind controll.

    That's all really.

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    Stood in the Fire Ace Ventura's Avatar
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    To grind Exotic Satchels for my main.

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    I have played priests since beta, because I love healing, and priests are by far the best developed healing class. It feels like it's really meant for healing.

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    High Overlord Zzeeuuss's Avatar
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    I play my priest for one simple thing....... Power Word : Sheild.

    I Dunno why but I just love playing disc, there's something extremely satisfying about being able to Sheild my allies from damage instead of just pumping heals into them :P

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    I just wanna lvl some another ranged Dps and I was choosing between a priest and a warlock. I pick priest, cos priest can heal too.

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