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  • Lore

    10 4.59%
  • Flavor of the Month

    3 1.38%
  • Class Mechanics

    173 79.36%
  • DPS/Healing Hybrid

    27 12.39%
  • Looks Good in Armor

    5 2.29%
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    You forgot the option of "because it's fun"

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    After getting all other classes to 85, i figured its the class that i enjoy healing and DPSIng as the most, so here i am in the proccess of leveling a third priest :P

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    Yea im still deciding if i want a second priest or not >.>

    On extra priest pure for pvp never hurts, so i can keep my pve priest Disc and Holy while my PvP priest can be Disc PvP and Shadow PvE <3

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    because i needed to level an enchanter.. that and i'm actually starting to like shadow dps (not a huge fan of ranged classes, not sure why)

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    As a holy priests I got a tool for every situation. Always I'm on another healingclass and I look at my actionbar, I think that's a healing class? Blizz your are joking. After that I log on one of my Priests and smile, because I got so many healing spells^^

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    Other healers have pretty static priority. Priests have such a huge spellbook that we have more decisions to make than other healers. Shaman probably being the most notable exception in that regard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PvPisthelifeforme View Post
    I was curious why people played the class that they play as there are a wide number of reasons. For me I usually go off the classes lore, and if I like it, I make it work in PvP one way or another! I was curious though, what is the main reason you rolled your Priest, whether it is a main or alt, what made you want to play one?
    Well when I first started playing WoW and went into PVPing at the low levels on my Hunter, I had a hard time killing targets with these big shinny bubbles around them. This was when PW:S had a 30 sec duration. It was absolutely amazing. I was never a healer until I started healing on my Paladin and loved the dynamics of healing. However, it was towards the end of 4.1 and was looking for an alt to level up and decided on a Priest after I read about the class. I don't really find priests to be that "heavy" in the lore department compared to Paladins and Druids. The only famous priest before Velen was Tyrande and even then Druids are just have way more lore.

    I though the spells were kinda cool reading about it so finally gave it a shot. Atonement was one of the spells that made me decide to roll a priest besides shinny bubbles. It was a total blast levelling a Priest I must say. Never had more fun on any alt. Healing was a blast. Shields never broke and were pretty OP in PVP. I prtty much topped the DPS charts as Disc with Atonement till around level 60 only beaten by a arcane mage or hunter. Even Shadow was fun though it was a big mana eater. POH was pretty awesome when I got it coupled with Divine Ageis. I felt unstoppable till around level 83-84. Rapture was pretty much insignificant before level 84 and the ride was simply awesome. I loved Disc Healing with Atonement.

    However, levelling at end game was a night and day difference compared to levelling. The class didn't play the same at all. Remember running the troll dungeons. It was a breeze on my Holy Paladin but found it really hard to keep up on my Disc Priest. I kept going OOM so quickly. It got a bit easier as I geared but it was hard. Had to adapt like never before. PoH didn't have much through put over all. In raids I was stuck to tank healing and kinda felt a Disc Priest lacking over all. Remember during Firelands , I found it hard healing the raid especially when a resto druid could do it better. Atonement was never a spec you could count on in progession raiding. Even when it was on farm mode , you couldn't get away too long just spamming Smite. So overall the class played very differently from the one I levelled up with. I didn't enjoy it. Mana was a problem and compared to a Paladin priests were lacking something.

    I tried Holy but I didn't feel very comfortable and found it too overwhelming and lacking. Mana again was a pain. Think priests are probably the only class that I've found that doesn't play the same at level 85. My priest has been benched since Firelands now and did I mention the lack of cloth drops? Yeah I could do a much better job healing on my paladin with even less effort than I could on my Priest.

    I am levelling a druid and we pretty much don't get anything fancy till around level 64 when we get lifebloom and wild growth around there.

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    I just felt like trying one back in Vanilla and have played it ever since. Not really sure why I picked it.

    The reason I still play it is because I find Shadow fun and it has two strong Healer speccs that feel different enough from one another for it not to get boring. Also because it was the first character I played properly.

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    Where's the "To Fill Out the Guild's Raid Comp" option?

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    Voted for Class Mechanics, I find them very interesting to play, even though mine is lvl 77 as of just a minute ago. I am going to use it for PvP and it may just well become my main. :-)

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    I rolled my shadow priest back in Burning Crusade because I loved being useful to my party.

    I'm still bitter about them removing VT's usefulness in Wrath...

    80 Kingslayer Shadow Priest - Spirestone

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    Because I can touch children in the name of God.

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    Most fluid healing class in the game. It feels natural healing as a Priest in comparison to any other healing spec.

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    Shadow is amazingly fun to play, the rotation has a lot of intricacies and small things that it seems can always be pushed father/optimized more, other classes don't have that same feeling to me.
    In addition there is a lot of unique utility (dispersion, lifegrip, self dispel(being removed :~( ), mass dispel, etc) so even on farm fights there is a lot you can do/watch/etc so it is never boring (to me).

    Though I started as a healer in BC, I will definitely be shadow for the rest of my time in WoW.

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    They are the most fun healing class I think

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    I started just to be able to use Shadowform. Class mechanics grew on me over time. That's it. I despise healing with an avid force so...

    My first char was a lock. Just adding.

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    Cuz it is a boss in disguise , or feels LIKE A BAWS

    OT: Class mechanics/lore/and for some reason, it is just perfect.

    from Healer PoV and 10 unique 85s.

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    I started playing WoW towards the end of Wrath along with 2 friends. One was Shammy (also a total newbie at that point) and the other was Paladin (who had some WoW experience). So I asked my pally friend, "I wanna dps, but also has the option of healing." Also didn't want to be the same class as either of them, so I was left with Druid or Priest. He promptly told me, Priest hands down. When I started raiding at 80, I then realized how easy Druids were, HoTs HoTs and more facerolling HoTs. I remember regretting my friend's recommendation.
    Alas, as with any game, I tend to become quite attached to my first character, so I never changed mains, even after making an 85 paladin and an 85 druid.

    tldr version: It just so happens that I wanted to be a healer and Priest was the very first one I tried.

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    I've just always liked the priest spell effects and the armor sets almost always turn out great. Oh and I enjoy healing.

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    It was the first class I chose back during the release. I regret playing a priest now. :P
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