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  • Lore

    10 4.59%
  • Flavor of the Month

    3 1.38%
  • Class Mechanics

    173 79.36%
  • DPS/Healing Hybrid

    27 12.39%
  • Looks Good in Armor

    5 2.29%
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    Rest is for teenagers.

    And...i've got all the healers. All boring and way too easy to play.
    Discipline is almost no brainer as Rest druid/shams.

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    Well, I used to not want to play a Priest because they're "Twiddlers" IRL..

    Then I read some WoW lore and realized they were way different in Azeroth.

    Then I seen a Shadow Priest and that was it. I was sold. Besides it was the only class I didn't get to end game with.

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    Because its the most complicated healer out there (holy). Not to mention, they bring the most to the raid. Life grip is mind blowing, so are bubbles, so are many powerful raid cooldowns (barrier, divine hymn, mana hymn) and tank cooldowns (guardian spirit, pain suppression). Only thing i hate are those awful sounds, I'll never play shadow because of sound of mind flay, don't like disco because inner focus, and I die a little everytime I use PoM. :/

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    I made my priest after reading a bit of the lore, I've also enjoyed the way the mechanics of the class work.

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    I've always loved priests. As someone who made my priest (my main) in Vanilla, Disc was never quite viable in PVE.

    Holy was the healing class to rule them all (and imo, still is!). I think healing is much harder and enjoyable without absorb spamming *ducks*

    Also, Shadow USED TO BE a more vampiric class as in I used to give back plenty of mana and health to party and raid members. Now, however, it's just like a warlock- that's painful to say. Hopefully MoP brings back the way shadow is supposed to be.

    As for Holy, I still love it. Seems much harder now to learn, but still very enjoyable. It's fun being the most powerful person in a raid with the hardest task

    Favorite spells: Vampiric Touch, Mind Control, Shadowfiend, Binding Heal, Circle of Healing
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    Shadow Word: Death

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    I played a priest simply because I didn't have a dwarf and wanted to experience the dwarf starting zone. The class really grew on me and I really enjoy playing as disc for PvP. Decent damage if nobody needs a heal and very good heals too. I'm dreading the new talent spell changes since some of my faves are only in the holy tree now. I guess we'll see how disc plays in 5.0 and go from there.

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    Where's the "freakin' awesome" choice?

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    Life grip is mind blowing
    Only to the poor schmoes I manage to kill on Warmaster's boat waiting to pull spine...

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