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    [Music] Medieval songs

    I so much love the medieval songs. I don't mean the classical symphonies from Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or other stuff like that. I love those too, but i mean stuff like you hear on those renaissance fairs, and the classic violin and flute songs that are a part of Irish folk songs. I just find them so soothing and fun to listen to.

    so, how do you feel about these songs? example (i'd post more than 1 embedded, but apparently I can't):

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    The musical term for what you're referring is the Medieval "dance suite." The suites were based on folk tunes (or sometimes, vice versa). They were meant to either be enjoyed just as music, danced just for fun with friends or danced in an organized fashion such as with the "courtly dances." A good example would be the organized, seemingly choreographed dances in the films Pride and Prejudice or Shakespeare in Love. Some of the more interesting dances are the ones that are meant to mimic the sounds and movements of animals.

    Also, FYI, Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart came along about 200-300 years after most of this dance music was popular. Bach did write some dance suites but they were meant more for listening pleasure.

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    I do enjoy them aswell, both the traditionally arranged ones and some of the modernized versions (check out the Hildegard von Bingen songs made by Garmarna for an example). Its a pretty narrow field today, but there are some interesting folks out there. Most mainstream sites wont have the records, you have to discover the performers themselves and buy their cds/get them from their own sites.

    Naxos has some stuff, but I wasnt amazed at the quality. If you want a rather rustic sound, check out Wolgemut. John Dowland and his lute works is later, but its very Shakespeare in loveish.

    Unfortunately, there are few surviving written meidval music pieces, and the list gets a lot shorter if you arn't looking for lithurgical stuff. So if you dont want to listen to endless versions of the cantigias de santa maria, be prepared to do some searching.

    Ps Quilty is another band that do Irish folk music and songs, can be worthvile to check them out if you like Star of the county down.
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    Love Celtic Music. Very relaxing. And yet, somehow gets me in the mood to pull out a sword and shield and punch some dragons in the face.

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    I came here thinking this was an actual thread on real medieval, and was pretty shocked someone would even make one. Ugru nailed it

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    I received a degree in Music Composition while at university. We did a lot of study of Gregorian Chant music, a year of 16th century counterpoint, a year of 18th century counterpoint. Lots of great sounds come out of that style of writing. And we would have none of the music of today without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karosene View Post
    Love Celtic Music. Very relaxing. And yet, somehow gets me in the mood to pull out a sword and shield and punch some dragons in the face.

    LOL same. In fact i have a playlist for songs with that whole celtic feel. Though it mostly has select songs from the anime Fairy Tail. Essentially rock style versions(added in bass and drums while keeping the strings style) of the OP example. Now those songs REALLY get ya pumped.

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