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    Really Low Active Time on Warmaster

    Hey everyone, so I'm quite confused at what has been going on in my new guilds Blackhorn progression. I'm consistently 10+k dps ahead of the second highest person and am pulling good numbers yet when I look at everyone's active time, mine is stupidly low at 77%. Just using one example, another boomkin we have pulled 13k less than me on average over like 15 or so wipes yet his active time was 88% -.-

    Does anyone know what is going on here? Could it possibly be because I'm not dotting up Gorionna when she flies by in the beginning because ironically, I thought that would reduce my overall active time? I figured it doesn't register us being in combat since I'm still able to prepot even though dots are rolling on her, but maybe I'm wrong.

    I know it's not me just not knwoing what I'm doing and being bad. I'm literally always doing something whether it be dotting something up, or placing mushrooms, etc. On our normal mode kill that night, I ranked 115 but with a 92 percent active time i lost like 2.5k dps and I would have ranked much higher. It really bugs me especially considering one of our other boomkins pulled like 10k less than me, yet had a 99.8% active time.

    Anyway here's the log from last night (although it's been happening the past few weeks) and thanks for the help.

    Edit: oops forgot to mention I'm mcbaginns, still not used to my recent name change xD
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    the meter you linked to is a composite of 'all warmaster fights'. perhaps you died early on some of the attempts, or were not on the meters?

    look at your normal mode kill, and your active time makes a bit more sense.

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    With the damage you're doing, compared to the others, I don't think you need to worry much about your active time. As the previous poster mentioned, you probably died earlier in some of the fights than him, or perhaps you accidentally missed dotting up a drake flying by on an attempt or two (With the camera being clunky when facing up, this happens sometimes). There's a lot of factors playing in, but none of which you need to worry. The only real difference I'm seeing is the fact that the 2nd Boomkin did almost twice the Shroom damage you did, while you did more Starfire damage. Not that I see that changing anything. DoT uptimes seem about the same. Attacking Goriona when she flies by should have very little impact. I don't do this and I'm at 99.9% uptime on our 10-man heroic kills.

    Keep doing whatever you're doing. It seems to be working.

    EDIT: After looking through a few individual attempts, it seems that you and the 2nd Boomkin usually have the same uptime, however, on some attempts you die early while he/she doesn't; leaving you at 50% uptime and him/her at 90%. Look at individual attempts, not overall.
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    I did die early a few times since we didn't have our usual tank and I was pulling aggro :/ but I always felt like my uptime was low even when I didn't die. Like you said, you have 99.9% uptime normally, I'm just confused why I don't haha. But thanks for pointing out I had died prematurely a few times, I had overlooked that. Also thanks for telling me the comparison in shroom damage, I hadn't realized there was such a huge difference between me and the other boomy

    I have one question though. You mention you don't dot up gorionna and have a great uptime - does anyone in your guild actually dot up gorionna? Cause I feel it may not affect your active time simply because not one person starts the combat logging early by dotting up gorionna as she flies by. If someone does dot her up though, then it's safe to say it won't affect active time. Hope that made sense

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