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    Tier3 talents discussion

    As stated, this thread is about discussing the benefits of the 3rd Tier of talents, to see which one you will pick ( for PVP AND PVE purposes ) and which one will have a greater impact in certain situations, as some have stated in other threads concerning soul link as it now transfers damage/ healing depending on the locks / pets health.

    Also concerning dark bargain, although it seems like the BEST possible choice for an active cd, some have disagreed that sacrificial pact might be better in terms of cd and damage absorbed , since the shield will absorb 150% of your pets health ( which is roughly close enough to your HP ), a shield that lasts 10 secs and absorbs your entire health in damage on a 1 min cd is better / worse than immunity to damage on a 3 mins cd + the backlash you get from using it ?

    that is IF the shield is non-dispellable which it shouldn't be ( coz its a talent ).

    Anyways, hopefully we could get a clean and constructive discussion about the 3 talents

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    Unless there is a specific use for a damage soak on a fight ( e.g. Ultraxion), I'll most likely be running Running Soul Link as the passive talent is easier to manage and I can focus on what ever else I am doing.

    As far as PvP I think I'll be running Dark Bargain With Archimond's Vengeance. Pop Dark Bargain while being focused, then hit AV as the shield pops off and throw the damage back at the attacker.

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    haha yeah i thought about AV after dark bargain , but i wonder if sacc pact would be better as an overall cd since it absorbs so much hp that it could be called " damage immunity" for 10 secs ( hopefully its not dispellable ), unless u are doing 5v5 or bgs .

    meh tbh I'll probably pick up dark bargain just coz it sounds too good , i mean comon, damage IMMUNITY lol, pretty appealing by definition, and its something most locks have dreamt about.

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    Dark bargain so i can run through fire!

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