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    [Music] Recommend 3 Albums

    This thread has the supernatural aim of people sharing what they consider great albums that others should try out, simples.

    Any generes, any styles - looking for what makes you tick and feel more people should consider, then discuss.

    I shall start:

    1) Devin Townsend - Infinity
    2) Ocean Machine - Biomech
    3) Strapping Young Lad - City

    They were all written at the same time of sorts, and all by Devin Townsend.

    1) is fairly rocky/metally with some great anthems, 2) is more prog-metal with some great fusions of sound and medeleys and 3) is all out extreme-metal.

    Devin himself considers them all to reflect a period of his life when he was struggling to deal with his bi-polar disorder, so they are different aspects of the same mind - often depicting the same events.

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    1. Radiohead - the King of limb (alternativ rock)

    2 Placebo - Without you am Nothing (alternativ rock)

    3. The Black Angels - phosphene Dream (Neo-psychedelic)

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    Apocalyptica - Inquisition Symphony (Cello Rock)
    Bear McCreary - Battle Star Galactica Season 3 OST (yes, it's just THAT good) (it's a TV soundtrack :P but the songs are amazing, and it features the BEST version of Dylan's 'all along the watchtower' I have EVER heard, sorry Jimi )
    Various - The Dark Side of Classical (Classical music, but with an edge )
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    I only have one album that comes to mind.

    Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon: The End of Day (Rap/Progressive Rap)

    I listen to about every genre out there (Cant stand country) and this is the only album I really think everyone needs to sit down and just listen to. I'm not much of a music person myself but this album makes me think, A LOT lol. The entire album is a story that's told in chapters. Has intros into each chapter where it updates you on the main character that informs you on how the main character's situation/actions put him in certain mindset in his life. The songs in each chapter reflect the character's feelings and it really is organized in a way that the underlining meaning of each song gets to blossom for the listener. It seems to be able to connect (To me at least) on that supernatural level you were talking about and maybe it will do the same for others.

    Its not Metal but I believe this is an album everyone should consider. I suck at explaining it lol so your probably going to have to listen to it yourself just to understand what I'm trying to say :P

    Here's a song for a taste: Kid Cudi - Soundtrack To My Life

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    Public Enemey - It Takes A Nation Of Millions...
    Tool - Lateralus
    The Doors - LA Woman

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    Kashmir - Cruzentials

    A danish rock band (Mostly know for making the song Rocket Brothers). It is my opinion that they deserve all of the fame they have and more. They are very good musicians, plays a very blues'ish tune in their rock that makes one think back to Zeppelin', and many of their songs are very beautiful. They've made many albums, but Cruzentials are definitely their best in my opinion. It's worth a try, especially if you like rock with a old tune.

    Iron Maiden - Dance of Death

    We all know 'Maiden, and we all know they have made a thousand albums. But which are the best? That is the eternal question. Many would argue that Number of the Beast is the best, and I agree wholeheartedly, but some of their other albums are just as good. Dance of Death is a very underrated album, where they have a very melodic tune, with focus on vocals. It almost makes you think of a non-acidtrippy Tool album, with some heavy power metal vibes. Songs like "No more Lies" and the song "Dance of Death" is definitely worth a try, and if you like it, aquire the album; The whole album is made like that.

    Manowar - Gods of War

    Do you like metal? Then get this album. I consider this one of the only must-have albums if you like metal. A whole album about the heathen gods Odin and Thor, and some of the cleanest and best power metal out there. Everything is subjective, but I have yet to meet a metalhead (with love for the power metal genre, of course) that did not like this album. Tales about immortal warriors, brothers-through-battle, gods and kings are all over this album, and Eric Adam's vocals are amazing. This album is a masterpiece.

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    La Dispute - Wildlife
    Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
    The Skints - Live.Breathe.Build.Believe

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    Pianos Become The Teeth - The Long Lack After (Screamo/Post Rock)
    Dikembe - Chicago Bowls (Emo-ish)
    Ghost - Opus Eponymous (Old school hard rock with songs about Satan)
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    Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
    Mr Bungle - California
    Mind.In.A.Box - Revelations

    The Downward Spiral defines the 90's for me, California is Mike Patton at his best and Revelations is a new release I can't stop listening to.

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    Two Steps From Hell - Dynasty
    Two Steps From Hell - Nemesis
    Thomas Bergersen - Illusions

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    1. Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More

    2. Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around

    3. Rise Against - Endgame

    1. is Folk Rock, 2. is literally the best Country Music ever and 3. is absolutely brilliant punk music.

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    Just 3 random albums that I really enjoy, not the top 3 albums, because there is so much good music out there so it would be impossible for me to just choose 3.

    The Knife - Silent Shout (the deluxe edition for the live CD which is insane, one of the most enthralling live shows I've been to, most of the DVD is uploaded on Youtube btw, go check it out!)
    Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love (effin masterpiece, she is one of a kind)
    Primal Scream - Screamadelica (fusion of early house rhythms and manchester rock, awesome for house parties, regarded by many as one of the best albums of the 90s)
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    1.) The Mercury Program "A Data Learn the Language" -Instrumental post rock, very laid back bass orientated.
    2.) Quicksand "Manic Compression" -Post hardcore
    3.) Team Sleep "S/T" -Collaboration of musicians from The Deftones, Hella, Pinback, etc. Shoegazey, post-rockish, electronica, reminds me of the lighter songs from The Deftones album "White Pony".

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    Pink Floyd - The Wall

    Sander van Doorn - Eleve11

    Justice - A Cross The Universe
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    Alex Skolnick Trio - Goodbye to Romance: Standards (Jazz renditions of classic rock songs by a great metal guitarist and some friends)
    Typical Cats - Typical Cats (Rap)
    Man Man - The Man in a Blue Turban with a Face (Some kind of alt rock)

    Quote Originally Posted by solonglonesome View Post
    Ghost - Opus Eponymous (Old school hard rock with songs about Satan)
    I have been listening to this on repeat for like 6 weeks... pretty damn good music.

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    Oasis - Whats the Story (Morning Glory)

    Eminem - Recovery

    MUSE - Black Holes and Revelations
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    Albums recommendations are a link to a song on the album, genres are bolded beside the link.

    CunninLynguists - A Piece of Strange (Alternative Hip-Hop, Concious Hip-Hop, Jazz Hip-Hop, Southern Hip-Hop)

    Iron and Wine - Creek Drank the Cradle (Contemporary Folk, Singer/Swongwriter, Lo-Fi)

    Defeater - Travels (Hardcore Punk, Melodic Hardcore)

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    A Lot Like Birds - Conversation Piece - Post-Hardcore/Progressive

    I love this album, I listen to it like 3 times a day at least. Amazing instrumentals and great vocals by Cory Lockwood and Kurt Travis, I can't wait for more from these guys. "The Blowtorch is Applied to the Sugar" and "Vanity's Fair" are my favorites. They stand out from all the other post-hardcore bands I listen to and thats what makes them great. So sad that I'm going to miss them in Milwaukee in March on my birthday too T_T.

    Iron Maiden - Dance of Death - Heavy Metal/Progressive

    Zirusianna explained this album perfectly and I completely agree, except its my favorite Maiden album, with "Journeyman" and "Paschendale" being my favorite songs.

    Styx - Pieces of Eight - Progressive Rock/Hard Rock

    I couldn't really think of another album that I absolutely loved, because I'm tired, but Pieces of Eight came to mind. It has so many great songs like "Renegade" and "Blue Collar Man". Their sound is a bit synth-y with a strong hard rock guitar and powerful ballads.

    I've already added some of your suggestions to my long list of music to look at, heheh.

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    These are 3 albums that are very accessible for a listener not used to the genre.

    Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling
    Variety of styles: Techno, Deep House, House, Tech House

    Bon Iver - Bon Iver, Bon Iver
    Folk, Singer-songwriter

    The American Dollar - The Technicolour Sleep
    Post-Rock, Instrumental

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    The Who - Live at Leeds

    Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980–81

    Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years (Live)

    A few of the best live albums, ever.

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