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    [Books] A look at Hunger Games compared to the book.

    Okay, so I wondered what this Hunger Games movie was all about so I decided to download the audiobook for the first book and after that was done I decided to watch the movie for comparison. I must add that the book was amazing, probably the best I've ever read (heard) and I'm excited for the other 2.

    There will be spoilers beyond this point. If you havn't watched the movie or read the book I'd suggest you tune out now

    The book was very detailed about the thought process behind Katniss where as in the movie it was very hard to really understand what she was thinking when doing actions and talking to people. When reading the book I seemed to just understand her actions a whole lot better then they are portrayed in the movie, and some things I wouldn't have got if I hadn't read the book and actually known what she was thinking when making that decision. I was probably also because of the movie being very rushed. It feels like they tried to cram in alot of stuff into a 2 hour movie and it didn't really work out very well. There was no time for Katniss to kind of sit around and eat, or even feel hungry or cold in the movie. They were just kind of skipping from scene to scene.

    The character development was also very poorly portrayed in the movie. When reading the book I actually cared about Rue, where as in the movie there really wasn't very much development for that character and she just kinda died off. The romance between Katniss and Peeta (Peter?) was also very rushed and they simple left out alot of it in the movie. They never felt in love, it was just simply for show to get love from the sponsors where as in the book there was kind of 2 sides to the romance.

    And I don't even know whos idea it was to swing the cameras around in the fighting scenes. I could barely see what was going on.

    I guess that was kind of my rant about the bad stuff in the Hunger Games movie. I'm sorry for the badly written "review" since it's my first and I'm also very tired.

    Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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    True story, but nvm i cant wait for Catching fire love Katniss <3

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    I agree with most of the things you're saying, but just to remind you, it's a PG-13 movie so it can't really have these bloody fights like other movies. But yea, i did love the book(s) and the movie aswell. Thanks for your review and i hope you have a good time reading the remaining (2) books!

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    Movie was very close to the book, but you are right. Being that it was compressed down to 2 hours 20 minutes, it is hard to convey the depth of everything or show everything. They didn't touch on the Avox or the hovercrafts that retrieve the bodies. I'm assuming they changed the death of Rue to streamline the transition to the next movies better for the screen versions. But the differences were minor and not story changers really. I felt the movie was good. I wish they did have Madge give Katniss the pin though because that plays in more later as well. but it's kinda minor i guess.

    But as always... May the odds be ever in your favor!

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