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    I don't practice Santeria!

    I don't practice Santeria!

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    i aint got no crystal ball

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    I had a million dollars, but..

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    Not where you are.

    I spent it all!
    "I see nothing. I hear nothing. I taste victory."

    "Trolling (verb): speaking your honest opinion." - you know who

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    C-c-c-combo breaker?
    maybe the rarest pepe was the friends we made along the way

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    ugh, I hate that song so much. lol

    Not a bad song, but got tired of hearing it 90 times every day back when it was popular. It's one of the reasons i still don't listen to the radio, ever.

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    I don't practice leaving these threads open!

    That's what Fun Stuff Subforum is for.

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