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    [Music] Identify a song for me please, driving me nuts!

    Hello everyone,

    Today, I was watching some kind of video on a dutch website, and there was a fragment of a song in there. And it has whistling in it. Now, if I have a song with whistling inside my head, it doesnt go out. Could you guys help me identify the song, so I can at least hear the whole song instead of having just 10 seconds stuck in my head?

    This is the link: ww w .zie.nl/video/games/Gamejournaal-Rock-Band-maakt-comeback/m1fz9wcfv7ge

    The song starts at 2:22.

    If anyone helps me out, thanks for helping me keep my sanity.

    Cant post links yet, so I had to break it up on the ww w . part

    Edit: If anyone could tell me the exact lyrics, I can probably work with that as well. It's to vague for me to get it, being a dutchie
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    Thanks a lot, now I just have to figure out where I heard this before, and from another artist. But, thanks a lot!

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