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    Heoric Madness

    Hello. I was wondering if Using the 403 Polearm from Reg Deathwing would be better for Heoric madness than the 410 Staff from Yor Sarj.

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    While the polearm does have a very nice proc, it's "generally" considered a DPS increase to use the heroic staff from Yor'sajh, purely because of the massive amount of mastery on the staff.

    It comes down to personal preference, but overall, the staff is a bigger DPS increase than the polearm from normal madness.

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    Yor'sahj staff is better than 403 polearm
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    For Madness you're better of using the staff from Yor'sahj. Reason being is Kiril's proc is uncontrollable and it's completely possible to waste an entire proc at certain points in the fight.

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