View Poll Results: What raid boss did you hate the most?

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  • Lord Rhyolith

    219 11.97%
  • Sindragosa

    220 12.03%
  • Spine of Deathwing

    281 15.36%
  • Madness of Deathwing

    161 8.80%
  • Viscidus

    86 4.70%
  • Faction Champions

    308 16.84%
  • Anub'arak (TOC/TOGC)

    56 3.06%
  • Hydross

    20 1.09%
  • Loatheb (original)

    17 0.93%
  • Archimonde

    58 3.17%
  • Anything in Baradin Hold/Vault of Archavon

    51 2.79%
  • Other

    352 19.25%
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  1. #141
    the voice.
    the ice blocks
    the complexity.

    god damnit i hated that boss

    oh and madness in close second. long, incredibly boring, and fucking repetitive as shit.
    if you go into lfr its basically a tank and spank

    yeah what an awesome fucking fight!....not

  2. #142
    Lurker. Everyone else was just so bad at it.

    Oh, and Heroic Haggara's starting to piss me off.
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  3. #143
    I hate Spine, just because it's kinda lame, doesn't seem like a boss, but more like the gunship from ICC. At least Gunship was made just as silly lootship and not important in any way, but Blizzard tried to make Spine something special, but, didn't turn up that way, in my opinion.

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    Anub'arak (TOGC). Had so many attempts where we had 50 left and we wipe on him at like 10%. Was at least able to get 50 kills once during t9.

    High Astromancer Solarian was a real pain in the ass for my guild back in TBC. People even with Solarian Alarm still did not know how to run out of the group when they got the bomb.
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    Faction Champions was a great boss design, though the boss fight wasn't really enjoyable on 25man.. One big cluserfuck. Otherwise a good attempt to finally utilize the whole spellbook in PvE.

    The 10man version was very good though. I think the fight on 10man was really good rather than 25man where people just had to spam aoe CC/mass dispels and then put a rogue on every healer.

  6. #146
    For me I always dreaded doing Grim Batol when doing early 5-Man Cata Dungeons - People are just idiots in there and always just had tons of problems with the last two bosses for some reason.

  7. #147
    Quote Originally Posted by pyrostorm9001 View Post
    Sindragosa for the voice acting alone!
    Omg yes...worst voice over ever. Plus, you'd have everything going well and one person would be slightly out of position and ice block the raid.

  8. #148
    Faction champs. Sindragosa was annoying as hell but as a tank, nothing was more irritating than faction champions. Talk about a fight where you feel useless. What good is a tank who can't hold agro? now lets make a fight where it's impossible to hold agro. giant pain in the ass.

    That said sindragosa came in at a REAL close second. I learned how to tank that fight perfectly in 3 days. it took WEEKS before the rest of the raid could figure their shit out. fight after fight, hour after hour, day after day i did my job perfectly every single time, and it didn't matter because someone wasn't paying attention for one second and screw everyone over and over and over and OH GOD MAKE IT STOP....

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    i'd go with Dreamwalker. hated it as tank cause it was just one big.. pick up trash till someone finally heals the big dragon. hated it as healer.. cause i could never seem to hit the green blobs. and hated it as melee dps. cause all you did is run around and run around and run around. bah.

  10. #150
    anything thats not new, when a new raid releases, the older raids become taboo and no one wants to run them regardless if they have upgrades still for them

  11. #151
    I voted Madness of Deathwing based purely on the fact that I think it's the lamest most anti-climactic final boss ever in the entire game.

    You don't even really fight him, at least it doesn't feel like Deathwing has anything to do with the fight at all. You just kind of punch his claw or whatever x4.

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  12. #152
    Madness HC imo.
    Or madness overall. Goddamn buggy shiet :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeones View Post
    No Razorgore? No Professor Putricide? What kind of poll is this?
    Putricide was my favorite fight in ICC..

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    Kael, cus he bugged and vanished right as we were about to kill him the first time, after 4 weeks of tries ><

    I'll add Vael aswell, don't think any other boss have whiped so many guilds just before he was about to die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4KhazModan View Post
    Ultraxion. Most monotonous fight ever. Just push the big button in the middle of the screen NOTHING interesting about that encounter. AT ALL. Thank the titans it's such a short fight. While first progressing on heroic, we lost a few attempts to people just getting bored out of their damn minds.

    Out of the options in the poll? Sindragosa by far. If I have to hear the screeching sound of her voice....I'm going to cause a Cataclysm of my own!

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    Malygos, for me it was Malygos. I hate(d) the final phase where you have to ride that dragon.
    I vowed to never set one foot in that place again!
    ...then Hagara was introduced

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magister View Post
    Malygos, for me it was Malygos. I hate(d) the final phase where you have to ride that dragon.
    I vowed to never set one foot in that place again!
    ...then Hagara was introduced
    I forgot about Malygos - which I hated as well since no one had a clue in how to do that boss correctly.

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    Visidious, Archimonde and Kael'Thas Was among the most awesome fights so far. How can you say they were bad/hated? Just because they were hard and took time dont mean they were boring/bad.

    Do you hate a boss cause he is hard? sigh...
    No, there have been plenty of harder fights I enjoyed - Kil'jaeden, Firefighter, Yogg 0, etc. Viscidus had a dumb class stacking requirement and was harder as Alliance. Archimonde I just didn't care for the mechanics and it was so easy to wipe if one person lagged out or "oops forgot the tears!" Kael'thas I liked ph 3-4 but was annoying going through the RP and advisors/weapons all over again after every wipe.

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    Of those on the list, Sindragosa. Just because it just got to the point where I was banging my head in the wall because people failed at, well.. Everything.

    Of those not on the list, I'd have to saaaaay... Instructor Raz in Naxx. I just never really liked that fight, and how we were always forced into having priests in our raid in the Wotlk version.

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    From what I remember, Vaelastrasz, didn't do enough 4hm attempts to find them really awful.

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