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    Monk challange set datamined...

    check the front-page.
    what do you think of it?

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    I like it, but I'm not impressed. Maybe for the t14?

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    it's a bit lame tbh. Then again after the Paladin Challenge set, all other's will just seem weak sauce
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    I'll take a contrary position on this armor from the last two posters.

    I greatly like this armor.
    It's looks like it's from stormstout brewery's giftshop or workers uniform.
    It's got 4 containers to hold the finest sake/mead/ale, etc.
    This armor looks more brewmaster then mistweaver or wondwalker in my humble opinion.
    I also hope to see what this amor looks like on female characters as well.
    Finally, this is also monk's first class armor.
    Hopefully we'll see more uniquely looking monk gear in the next couple months.

    In the end if people don't like the way this looks they'll transmog it out.
    There will be future dungeon/raid/pvp monk gear of course.
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    challenge sets are the ones that are intended only for visuals and has no bonus' or anythin on them right?

    You would think they would make something amazing for challenge sets in that case.. these are actually pretty lame. The shoulders are cool but, def need a tabard to hide the rest.

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    It's the challenge set, that much is sure. And I like it, it fits the theme of the class as opposed to the recent trend of going for "ooh, shiny".
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    For those that were to lazy to back to the front page and the ones knowing that it won't stay there forever.

    Anyway, the helm looks somewhat stupid tbh and the shoulders are way to big for my taste. I'd like monk sets to be a bit more modest and not too over the top like most other sets these days,kind of disrupts my view of the monk tbh, but so does using shiny maces and swords for me. I had hoped for a monk that is more like the one in D3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    I had hoped for a monk that is more like the one in D3.
    omg please no, did you watched monk sets by a chance? they are over the top much more the this.

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    I can see the set being great on a Pandaren but other races? Dunno.
    Need more Kegs, and particle effects IMO.

    Lets hope there is a stave to fit the set, would look great.
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    I don't like it at all. Blizzard said the challenge sets were going to be amazing and cool, but so far I've been disappointed by every single set so far.

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    I thought it was alright. Nothing really impressive but it can be changed during the beta testing

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    I think the set is a bit underwhelming but is intended to look fairly nice on a Pandaren, with the different ways their bodies and feet are shaped. I think the set has a lot of promise of looking quite good on a Pandaren Monk, but I'll have to wait until I've seen it to know for sure. What I do know is that it looks atrocious on a Human.

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    Youtube videos, shown on pandarians both.

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    And on a blood elf.

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    Nothing really impressive, The paladin challenge mode gear blew me away, To me it feels as if maybe the chest and legs are missing something or it could be the fact it looks like clothe and reminds me of the lunar event armor

    It looks okay but seems to be missing something

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    A monk is suppose to be in cloth, they put their class in leather so we don't have an over abundance of cloth users, however I expected the tier sets to be at least clothy and monk like.

    Putting a keg on your shoulders and tight leather pants is hardly monk like.
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