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    Feeling forced to play Demonology

    I'm currently playing in a 10 man guild progressing in DS hm. I'm the only player taht can supply a 10% spellpower buff, so currently I feel I have to play demo if we want to progress smoothly. However, I don't really enjoy demonology that much and would prefer to play affliction and destruction. Is the 10% sp buff really worth it, or could I be free to lay what I want?
    Our setup:
    Tanks- Blood dk and feral tank
    healers- holy pally and resto shaman ( our druid and priest heal on some fights )
    dps- warlock (me), two hunters( both survival), priest, arms warrior and a combat rogue.
    My armory in case it's important: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Drup/advanced

    tl;dr Do I need to play demo just to supply the sp buff?

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    It depends on how big the dps difference is between your different specs, and the healers and shadow priests damage/healing difference, i would think it would be worth it for the extra heals, but it does depend on whether your healers are struggling

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    Considering you only run 2 DPS that benefit from the buff... But a buff missed is always -DPS. Healers benefit from it also, so it might be quite useful on fights where you think you lack healing. This is also a bane of 10m, you have to go with the "Bring the class/spec, not the player" where as in 25m it's the other way around. Sad but true

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    ALWAYS play what you want to play...if you can't in your current guild, find another.

    If you can't play what you enjoy than whats the point of playing at all.

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    With a resto shaman in the group, effectively you're only giving 4% more spell power than what your team would have if you went Aff/Destro. It's helpful, yes, but I don't think that 4% should break your group (especially with the nerfs to DS). If your team had absolutely no Spell Power buff in raid, then I would recommend playing Demo. With your current comp, I'd say you should play what you enjoy the most.

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    I've had the same issue when I joined my guild as a raider. Back then we were at H Ultraxion. And noone bugged me for going Demonology, they told me just play with what specs you are the best with. But we had a good shadow priest and we did lack a bit of dps so I went demonology. From then I promised myself I would just go Demonology for once in my life because I serously HATE it. The rotations is way too complicated etcetera. But now I am Demonology main spec, and I think you should give Demonology a try since its sooooo challenging. I just simply love demonology now. If you get to know your rotation and such, demonology will be tons of fun to play. Just try it. Its amazing.

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    Considering how few casters you run with, it's not the worlds end. The pain of 10 man for a warlock is indeed the forced Demonology play. Some of the encounters (during progression on them) are worth it to get that extra spell damage for healers and you two, but playh what you like tbh.

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    1) You don't need to go demonology.

    2) That said, being forced to "buff-bot" a 25m as demo made me turn into MS demo for DS even though I don't need to anymore. You also get the benefit of learning one of the best soloing specs (which looks even better in MOP) and being able to solo things such as 3/4 in VoA, as well as Naxx, Ony, etc.

    3) Also, played well Demonology has the best potential for Ultraxion DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    ALWAYS play what you want to play...if you can't in your current guild, find another.

    If you can't play what you enjoy than whats the point of playing at all.
    This. Simply this.

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    Wait until MoP release and this problem will be gone, because of the new Dark Intent. I guess you´ll survive the last few months playing demo

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    The funny thing is the other specs with exception to heroic spine seem to work better in dragon soul heroics.. especially in 10mans.

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    As I was basically in the same situation (we're done with progress now), I played Demo only if the encounter was not too demonology-unfriendly, that is:
    Morchok hc: Doesn't matter, Demo is of course a lot better if you have to soak stomps with your tank
    Yor'sahj hc: Demo felt a lot better for burst aoe when needed and you'll be in melee range anyway
    Zon'ozz hc: Affliction seemed to be more fitting for the tentacles, on the other hand Demo can deal a lot of damage when you time your meta on the "normal" phases. This, however, means you won't do much damage to the tentacles, so it's all dependant on how good you can come through the shadow phases.
    Hagara hc: I was completely unable to get a decent timing for meta here, and the movement and target switches all said : go affli!
    ultraxion hc: as it is tank & spank, the buff feels more important here -> demo. If you have to soak HoT, destruction is the way to go.
    warmaster hc: affliction, especially with your setup you need every multidotter you can get.
    spine hc: demo is better on tendon dps, but at the current state it doesn't really matter anymore.
    madness hc: multidot heaven, plus hellfire/immo aura don't proc spell weaving (SoC doesn't either, but it can at least spread corruption before you use rain of fire (yes, rain of fire as an affliction warlock...)), so there is no real benefit from being demo, especially because you won't be able to time meta here anyway.
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    After the nerfs I don't think its needed with the 10% buff in 10 mans unless its a healing issue. DPS requirements are not as high as they used to be. You should get an ele sham for the 10% buff if you want though. My altgrp has me as Ele and our lock destro

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    only fight demo is really needed is for hm spine and thats debatable.

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    The point of playing a game is to enjoy yourself. If you don't want to play a certain spec, don't. If the guild doesn't like that, time to find a new guild.

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