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    Thoughts on design sets? Chinese influence?

    Okay, before any info reached us, i saw threads about chinese/japanese influences on sets or desires about it.
    Now we've seen some examples of sets.

    What do you guys think/feel? Are they great? Is it as you expected? Is it oriental enough? Isn't it oriental at all?
    Still waiting for samoerai looks and do you think they will come?

    We seen oriental influences in mounts, they look great.

    But speaking for myself, i would like see to more in the gear also. Although the sets i've seen look good, great even but they don't look oriental to me. From that perspective it is dissapointing.

    What do you guys think?

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    I thought the monk challenge mode and the starter quests armor look oriental.

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    I like the sets so far, i feel if they go overboard they will regret it because everyone will start freaking out about it and yell at blizzard for favoring china and trying to get more money out of them or something to that degree... you know the type.

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    Some of the Tier sets we've seen don't have much distinctly oriental designs in them - in one set, I can almost sort of imagine a southwestern Asian influence, but other wise it just looks like normal, Western garb to me. In some other sets, I see a more clear Asian influence. Which saddens me, as my main's set is the one that only has what looks like a ribbon/tag nod toward Asia.

    I would expect earlier Tiers to have a stronger Asian influence, and as we reach Orgrimmar, for that Asian influence to vanish. If we're raiding in Pandaria, I expect Pandaren, Asian themed armor. If we're raiding in Orgrimmar... I expect more Orc/Horde themed armor. Yes, even for the Alliance, which doesn't make tons of sense - so, perhaps a fusion of Orcish and whatever it is Garrosh is playing with too, to separate it from plain Horde stuff.

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    I'm really hoping for Asian themed or just eastern culture themes in general. A lot of themes in WoW now are either class related or city related. I would like more variety for transmog. Any monk that wants to transmog old world stuff is either gonna look like a rogue, a druid, or just boring. I want spice and flavor!

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    The monk sets are pretty asian inspired. The warrior T14 might have some vaguely samurai-ish elements if you squint hard enough while drunk. All-in-all the asian influence seems to be more tempered than I was expecting, which is good. I was expected to be beaten about the head and neck with asian inspired gear everywhere, and Blizz has shown a nice amount of restraint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corylyn View Post
    I thought the monk challenge mode and the starter quests armor look oriental.
    Yes, you're right; the monk challenge set has oriental influences indeed.

    The other sets we've seen look like .. how should I put it? What we're used to.
    Too bad there isn't more oriental design but we've not seen all yet.

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