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    LOOT_PASS_NEWBIE - You don't want the item at all.

    AT ALL. I'm looking at you, druids taking my strength maces.

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    I dont think the sets look Awful. ive loved all the sets i seen so far. Monks and Wars look ok and im sure they will look great by end game, but if not at least we still have transmog

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    Warrior set..


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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotron View Post
    The warrior tier gear gets me kind of mad. The brown and green set looks just like the rogue t13 right now.
    Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed.

    The warrior tier is generally where Blizzard shines. This is pretty sad.

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    Blood DKs getting buffed? FML.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrim View Post
    LOOT_PASS_NEWBIE - You don't want the item at all.

    AT ALL. I'm looking at you, druids taking my strength maces.
    I saw that client string as well. Thought it amusing, but left wondering how it'll be helpful.
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    Yay you can download a new client

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    yep client update today

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    but servers are still down

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    Rogue (Forums)
    Crimson Tempest - Damage amounts changed, see tooltip for detail.
    This tooltip is bugged for now, it should be 2.75 / 5.5 / 8.25 / 11 / 13.75%. At least, that's how it is supposed to be, tooltip in the database is bugged.

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    rogue AE <3

    warrior skin fail haha ^^

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    Stampede nerfed "to the ground, baby". Ghostcrawler is still active.

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    Why are they buffing heals? I thought they were "ok" atm

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    An STILL no information on shadow priests...
    Each blue post detailing classes has blocks of text on most specs and classes; shadow has maybe 4 or 5 mentions in the past couple weeks of posts? Come on!

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    Looks like another set to transmog for warriors, this set looks as bad as Cata Tier gear. BC tier gear was the best.

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    Wow so the whole statement of "we want tanks to care about hit and expertise" should really read "we want tanks to care about hit and expertise unless their a DK here no more parry for you *pat*"

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    Servers are down now and buid 15589 is downloading through launcher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alenarien View Post
    Bear in mind that given the strange insistence to show new armour sets on human males, it probably doesn't look its best. They are after all one of the stiffest/rigid models in the game. If we were to see it on a Blood Elf or a Pandaren for example, it would probably look leagues better.
    I completely agree. it's like the shaman challenge set looked out of place on a human, but looks great on a tauren. i'm thinking that the set will look immensely better on a panda monk

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    Good lord, the monk set really shows just how horrible the human male model really is. I'd be willing to bet that armor set has at least twice as many polys as the human male model has.

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