Hi everybody. I'm a PhD student in marketing at LSU.

I'm working on a research project and am collecting consumer responses with regards to your experiences and opinions of World of Warcraft or other MMO in which you have had a significant amount of social experiences with other players

If you are interested in participating all you need to do is film a talking head video response (with your isight camera, cellphone, or webcam) where you answer the following three simple questions:

1. Describe the differences between hardcore and casual players and identify which group you belong to, if either?
2. Describe a time where you have been negatively impacted (made mad, frustrated, infuriated, etc.) by a player of the opposite group (casual or hardcore). Did this experience affect your opinion of the game and or game company?
3. Has there ever been a time where player's of the opposite group (casual or hardcore) have lobbied (either on podcasts, social media, or forums) the company to make changes to the game's difficulty, mechanics, etc. and the company has gone through with that change. Did this experience affect your opinion of the game and or game company?

Please remember that there are no "right" answers and to please give your honest and uncensored opinion.

Thank you very much in advance for your opinions, this really helps me out with advancing my research and understanding of your experiences with products, other users of that product, and your opinions of the company.

Please link your videos as "responses" to this video on YouTube.

Thanks to Mickey Montz for agreeing to supply music for my film.