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    I didn't like d2 lobby. It was a bad system.
    D3 system is looking way better in every sense.

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    It works on the beta in a way like this (for trading etc)
    If I see someone in the trade room who has something I want and I have something they want, I'll invite them to a group then when I make a game he'll be able to join it. So that aspect of the game is still there you just can't see a list of games so that's good. If anything this system bring more "chat" into the chat rooms instead of people just looking for a game with an item in the name they want jumping on trading then logging out.

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    I dont see how D2 chat rooms where horrible its how I made almost all my friends on that game was from the chat rooms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinaaja View Post
    Watching the trade spam made the game fun? Eh?
    I dont know what you did but i was allways in one of the Europe channels, and yes while some spam was there, i made allot of in-game friends in that channel.
    I would only really enter trade channel if i actually wanted to trade something.

    The nicest thing about D2 was that you could pick into baal/cow runs when they got advertised ( join our Baal run baal1-baal1).
    For the people who think the D3 social interface is better then the one they used in D3, i play online games for the social interaction, its one of the reason single player games only tend to last a few hours for me.

    If you hate the idea of having to play with other players, you're free to play this game, but i think you might be better off with a different game.

    For the people who do like the D2 social interface over the one we have in D3 check out this post by OnetwoSC on Diablofans.

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