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    WH40K Battlefleet Gothic : Armada

    As the whole concept of ships even bigger than Star Wars one with cathedrals strapped on their hulls that fight space demons and space orks and space elves (presumably space-DLC zergs and space -DLC undead...) is quite awesome, I'm very eager for this game.

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    Definitely! I've been keeping an eye on it and can't wait for it to come out.

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    The fantasy Warhammer Total War looks very promising too (finally a game into which ''make an army of melee units charging ahead screaming incoherently'' will work for the PC !)

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    Yeah looks good on the warhammer front.

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    Now we just need a proper mmo and dawn of war 3 and we are set

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    Damn, that's sexy. Specially those Chaos ships and Abby's Planet Killer.

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    As a old time 40k fan i'm kind of hyped for this, i just hope the game wont suck as all the other 40k games have done so far. (No hate for dawn of war 1 tho)

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