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    Account for crit. Try it sometime: PoH x4, now select each person in party and see how many have a capped DA. 80% of the time 4 PoH is enough. Remember: a DA from a crit is 4 times the size of a DA from a hit.
    I just stepped on my priest and poh'd til capped. Took 13 in a haste>crit>mastery build. You're right that due to a high crit you can max out 1 person in your group with some really strong rng in 4 hits but that's not the point. To cap an entire group w/ poh at a ~400 gear level, it will take 12-16.
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    Tried Spirit Shell, infact i like the spell but it's uses could be better if they finally realize it needs an 2.5s base cast and the after heal is useless in many situations.

    AoE healing as disc, well we still only have PoH and if its constant AoE damage we can add PoM which isnt really an AoE heal.
    I feel weak when it comes to AoE healing in the Beta, a different option for AoE heal would be much appreciated as my other AoE i have on live is gone. Sure it was a situational AoE heal for us usable only once or twice if fights last long (madness), were the only Class with having 1 AoE heal (2 if u add the lvl 90 talents) while other classes has more means to heal a group, the lvl 90 talents does fix it but looking at the mana costs it will hurt us.

    If the Crits of these spells work with DA than i wont be complaining tho.

    As far as ur suggestions go, in order to keep casting spirit shell i think a decaying shield would be the better way to go instead of the after heal.
    The after Heal is worthless in raiding as smart heals form other healers will fill up the health bar before the duration of ur SS shield ends.
    On tanks the shield will be fully used in one blow anyways, the decay heals should be able to crit placing an DA.

    To balance it perhaps make it tick like once every 2 sec.

    This could fix Spirit Shell, as its basicly a tank healing spell only in its current form.

    And idea like Swiftment for Disc would be cool, seeing disc tools we still be Tank healing more than Holy (imo) somthing like Inferno Blast mages has would be awesome for Disc. Spirit Shell the tank and use the inferno blast (instant 6 to 8 sec CD) like spell to Spread 80% of the amount of absorb value of DA and Spirit Shell spread over to targets in a 15y radius for example or place an ground effect like Efflorescence.

    This gives Disc a Burst AoE Shield before we go on and cast PoH till we bored with occasionally the lvl 90 talenst, and much like fire (@ live) u will cry of joy when ur able to spread that huge Gheal DA bubble (ignite) as well (i crit for 134k gheal on beta atm which is 54k DA (40% of health)).
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    Spirit Shell wouldn't be so bad, if it hadn't had 2.5 sec cast time. They should at least lower it to the GH\H cast time, to compete, but 2.5? WTF.

    I think, they go into wrong direction. Disco priest is Bubble Healer, so he should have skills that in some way plays on active bubbles? Like:

    - Instant skill with cd that removes DA from targets in the 6y circle, and heals for the amount damage on DA
    - Fast castable (~1,8 sek) spell that improves bubble on target

    Instead of this, they work as hard, as they can, to change us into worse holy priests.

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    So far I've seen some pretty nice ideas in this (and other threads) regarding Disc. It would be nice if someone with beta access could compile a list and post it on the beta feedback forums.

    Just to sum up (please add if I forget something):

    Spirit Shell suggestions
    1. Shield decays over time converting to a heal
    2. Made into an instant cast Shield over time (SoT?) much like renew strengthening DA on a target.
    3. Fire mage combustion-like mechanic spreading Shield effects to nearby allies
    4. Swiftmend type of spell converting absorb into instant heal (or HoT??) perhaps also combined with an efflorescence type mechanic?
    5. AoE shield.

    6. (not SS related) Shields should somehow benefit from crit.

    In general I think most would agree that the cast time for SS in its current form is too long, the after heal mostly useless (in a raid scenario) and its just lackluster.

    Also could the people with beta comment on our performance in movement heavy scenarios? Because I am concerned that with the CD on PW:S and no renew we are rather helpless when it comes to movement, or am I missing something?
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    oh god what did I start here?

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    Ultimately, I liked the idea that they are reworking us to have 2 shields (a minor and a major). I really don't know the best answer, but a decaying shield makes the most sense to me. Another option would to be either a heals->shield (if they are at 90% health and your ss would heal to top them off and the extra become a bubble) or a half heal half shield spell. At the end of it all, I would like our single target healing toolbox to have a small bubble that is a instant cast and heal->shield (just a filler for rapture procs and light damage), a greater bubble (for tanks and big damage receivers) with a cooldown, a cast time, and a medium mana cost, and a flash bubble for pre-bubbling 4-5 people before a mechanic spike (mana heavy).

    I'm not sure how I feel about the combustion or swiftmend mechanic because I would like a priest to stay a priest. I like combustion more than swiftmend because it seems more new (to healing at least). Maybe have the combustion spread SS and pw:s over the group but not da. If we are building up DA on someone, we might as well just build up DA over all.

    AOE healing: I think we need to move away from POH (at least in for form it is now). I don't see why it would be so hard to give us an improved holy nova (like they said) for stacking fights and halo (on a 4 second cooldown) for non stacking fights (with the damage increasing over distance things taken out). Another option is that combustion idea above. If done well, I could see it working, but I'm not sure atm.

    Movement: I guess we have pom and a 6 sec pw:s? That seems to be really lacking. I was thinking that a cool way to do this would be to add a buff that allows you to cast one spell on the move. You get this buff by not moving for x seconds. Call it "Angel's Wings" or something. We sit still. Wings pop up on our back. We hover (similar to levitate) and can cast on the move. After 1 cast they fall off and we have to sit again to get them back. Another alternative would be to rework that idea into levitate and save having to make new spells. To fix it's OPness or weakness simply change the amount of time required to sit still.

    Mana return- I really like the idea of healers being able to work to get mana back during down phases (rapture or shaman's lightning). I really like rapture and thing it should be brought back in a form fitting the new regen system. I would be fine w/ smite offering some mana return (like shaman's lightning) although I'd rather have something more distinct. Not sure what yet. If I have any ideas, I'll post them.

    At this point, I am really disappointed for where we are in comparison to other classes. I play multiple and feel like my priest needs a reworking far more than any of my others but it seems we got the least attention. I know they have said there is more to come and I hope it is. I just don't believe it.

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    We still have renew and its worth to cast between SS casts to keep the tank healthy and keep shielding him with SS.
    It works and renew being glyphed it syncs well with penance CD. PW:S is more used like a Flash Heal now, in 5 mans i didnt use it much but perhaps in other dungeons and raids we see more use for it.

    For the Shield spreading, i meant more the Impact proc on Fire Mages (they get Inferno Blast on Beta which is basicly Fire Blast + Impact + 100% Crit). At first just spread SS (its a 34k shield for me on beta) and have it spread with that instant. U still have to time it so the person u give SS doesnt recieve damage lowering the Shield. Giving everyone a 34k shield is very powerfull, they can balance it to spread 50% of SS around xx yards (will still be powerfull tho) with a Cooldown and mana usage to support (balance) this spell.

    Perhaps it could be made into a talent (we still have one spot open) but they need to think of a good enough alternative for both Holy and Shadow, instant Multidot for instance. Holy i dont know yet, as they cant use Renew because disc use that skill still, there mastery is to weak to spread unless the skill adds all Echo of Light in ur target radius to be place on the target as a counterpart to Disc AoE, they get a strong Single target spell and disc gets his second AoE spell. It looks OP and if u think of it, it kinda is so it makes up for a good lvl 90 talent spell.

    As movement, we get PW:S, Renew, PoM and Pain Suppression, u could add the Glyph of Holy Fire making Holy Fire instant.

    Im on Beta but cant post on US forums, cant help to spread the word as EU beta forums is like Dead.
    Havent checked it since Friday but u hardly see a blue visiting the place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RumpleFugly View Post
    I just stepped on my priest and poh'd til capped. Took 13 in a haste>crit>mastery build.
    Did some math, I was definitely wrong. The magic average number is indeed 12 PoH. Not sure where I got that idea.

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