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    Best alliance race for pvp disc priest?

    Gonna level a Disc Priest mainly trough PvP.
    What would be the best race for this?

    Humans seem like a solid choice with the free trinket, but I have been hearing Nelf is good nowadays?
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    human, always human

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    Human for all classes.

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    Night Elf is pretty clutch.

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    gnomes are good because of the increased mana pool, but idk if that racial will stay that way with the plan to make mana pools consistently the same across the board. Humans are a good choice all around because you get bonus spirit (which will be a main mana regen tool in MoP) and a free trinket. HOWEVER, play the race that YOU want to play. If you are not concerned about playing a race that will be good for MoP, ignore my entire post
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