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    Scroll of Resurrection Problem, Please help

    Well I don't really have a problem, but more like a question.

    My friend sent me a Scroll of Resurrection yesterday while his character was on Burning Legion EU, and then later that evening he transferred to Azjol-Nerub EU, and since you can only transfer to the realm that the person who sent the scroll is playing on, I was just wondering if I accept the scroll now, can I transfer to Azjol-Nerub EU or will I only be able to transfer to Burning Legion EU (once again, which he isn't playing on anymore)?

    I tried getting my friend to send me a new invite (both in-game and from the site) but it's been hours now and I haven't recieved any new Scrolls (It's been over 24h since he sent the first one) and I made a ticket to Blizzard but it says it will take 24-72h and I'd rather not wait that long for just an answer to a question so I was thinking that maybe you guys could help me out

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'd also like to point out that yesterday when my friend sent the Scroll of Resurrection, I got an email/scroll almost instantly after he sent it, but not today.

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    I'd really like to get back into the game but I'm too scared to take a chance and accept the old Scroll of Resurrection, because if it doesn't work, then the free transfer will be lost.

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    Depends on if the Scroll info updates along with game info, I suppose. Make a noob on his new server, insta-80 it?

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