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    0h m1 gos3h. ery0mone es+ stvpit hur

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    My eyes! My brain! They hurt so much. How did I end up here..

    I saw you're threat ant though it wus aboot who pepol need 2 l2grammah, but these is wey bette!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruyaka View Post
    How ironic. After posting in this thread I went on Facebook, and what did I see on my timeline?

    One guy correcting another guy's spelling and calling him an "alliterate asshole".

    That might be a stealth pun. See, alliteration is where you string multiple words together that start with the same letter. So, 'alliterate asshole'.
    I mean it's UNLIKELY, it is Facebook after all, but still.
    Quote Originally Posted by sharpy View Post
    Ya i think Karadros got it right sadly..
    Quote Originally Posted by TheRagebear View Post
    Sylvanas is flawless and should be canonized as a saint.

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    *insert funny location here*
    I wonder, does anyone actually find this thread funny?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    I wonder, does anyone actually find this thread funny?
    i do and with saying that ill leave this here

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    Go read a twitter feed of a random athlete and a teenage girl. You will see the complete destruction of the written language.

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