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    OT Rules?

    How are we supposed to ever have serious discussions if we can not even discuss laws?

    I can understand a thread glorifying drug use, but questioning law is happening rampantly on these forums. The whole discussion on Martin/Zimmerman is a legal discussion. It directly relates to legislation. It relates to the legal extent to which one can defend themselves. How is that any different from anti-drug legislation? One case is discussing the legal ramifications of the stand your ground law and it's place in society. How is discussing the ramifications of the ant-drug laws on society any different?

    No law should be debated, or all law.

    Discussion of drugs is forbidden on these forums. Please read the forum guidelines before creating any new threads.

    I see no mention of any drug policy. I have seen drug related threads last for days here.

    Content that is considered illegal by law

    Murder is illegal. I see a 200 page thread about murder/manslaughter.
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    Well, from my perspective, those are two vastly different issues (Drug use vs. Trayvon Shooting) that aren't really analogous. And I contest that it's "all or nothing" when it comes to discussing an aspect of any topic (in this case, law). Drug use is simply illegal by law in many, many parts of the world. One of our forum rules is that we do not allow a topic to be specifically about partaking in illegal activity. We have had many threads about legalization, but they usually end up derailed by page 3 into a flamewar between those that want drugs legalized, and those that don't.

    But I'm closing this thread. If you have questions or concerns, I'd recommend sending a PM to Sunshine.

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