View Poll Results: What color eyes do you find the most attractive?

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  • Blue

    174 38.07%
  • Brown

    58 12.69%
  • Green

    178 38.95%
  • Hazel

    47 10.28%
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    I tend to prefer hazel, but brown is a very close second. Really anything but blue, I've never liked blue eyes on a girl for some reason...especially light "I can tell you have blue eyes from 20 feet away" blue (I'm also not a fan of blondes, Hitler and I would not have gotten along )

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    red though i dont think it occurs naturally barring that of course i voted blue

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    my eyes are greenish grey color, can even look blue sometimes. Me though? i like the hazzel eyes
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    I do love green eyes, the color, the depth it brings to eyes mhh! Makes me want to do naughty things xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furye View Post
    I'm going to tell you. It's in our gene.

    It represents sexual pleasure and we don't even realize it. Why, you asked?

    Simple. Blue eyes makes the pupil look bigger since it's a black dot (the pupil) on a light color background (blue).
    A larger pupil is usually associated with pleasure. Just look at how the pupil reacts when people do drugs.
    You can also observe the pupil growing larger when a lady (or man) interested in you looks at you.

    EDIT: My weakness? Green-eyed ladies.

    uh source ?

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    Green or blue eyes are the most prettiest imo

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    I prefer blue. That might be a largely cultural thing in my case as most people here tend to have light eye color (blue, green, grey). I say blue even though my boyfriend's eyes aren't blue... There just isn't a description there that would fit his eyes (greenish grey).

    I have blue eyes myself, though they are not the same blue. The difference is not huge, but one eye is darker than the other.

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    Guessing People Hate the eye color grey than.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golds View Post
    uh source ?
    Well, I learned that when I studied advertising in college. As for the source, I guess I can give you this link.

    As for the reason it looks bigger, it's simply perception. It really isn't bigger. It's just the way our brain analyze the darker color on a lighter one.

    Also, I'm going to add that blue (and green to some extent) eyes as well as blonde hair is the result of some kind of ''evolution'' that occurred during prehistoric era for women (and man through reproduction) to distinct themselves from other women. I won't got into the whole explanation process since English is not my first language and I could explain it wrong. So I'll give you another article to read.

    It also explains how men and women interested in brunettes and brown eyes are usually attracted to the ''brain'' (a bit ironic since it's still appearance) rather than the ''body appearance''.

    EDIT: I said sexual pleasure in my previous post, but I meant sexual attraction. That might have confused you and I'm sorry about that. :P
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    First of all, very few options in the poll.

    It's not only the color of the eyes that is attractive, but a combination of eyes color, skin tone and hair color.

    Green and blue will win the poll because the majority of respondents are males and the majority of those prefer pale skin females who usually have green or blue eyes.

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    I prefer green eyes. It's just a combination of rarity and how much I like the color.

    Quote Originally Posted by golds View Post
    So far, it seems blue eyes is the winner. Why do we humans like blue eyes? Whats the evolutionary advantage?
    Blue eyes have become more common solely because people like the way they look, they don't actually portray any practical advantage. Blue eyes (I think lighter eyes colors in general) are actually more prone to blinding glare from sunlight when compared to darker eyes colors.

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    Well that's hard to decide. I LOVE blue cause I have blue but I also LOVE green cause hubby's eyes are a beautiful green color =)

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    I have extremely dark brown eyes to the point where they literally look black. I haven't seen anyone else have the kind I have, so I'll go with my eye color that I find the most appealing
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    Green my favorite, though I do really like blue. I happen to have both colors in my eyes the green is much more noticeable, there is a ring of blue on the outside of my irises while the between my pupil and the ring of blue it is green with gold flecks. My eyes are probably my favorite in terms of color among all the ones I've seen.
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    Ocean Eyes.

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    I get alot of compliments from women on my eyes which are a Dark Green.

    Personally I find very light blue eyes attractive, especially on a red headed girl.

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    I wish i'd inherited my dads eyes

    Left eye was brown, Right eye went from blue to green across the iris.

    Mine are a fairly pale green. VERY intense green eyes are to die for imo
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    Pretty much anything not brown, sorry people with ugly brown eyes.

    (voted blue)

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    Ice blue is sexeh. especially on darker skinned women! I guess that would be some kind of deficiency , still it's hawt
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tierbook View Post
    red though i dont think it occurs naturally barring that of course i voted blue
    Albinos have red eyes I think.

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