View Poll Results: What color eyes do you find the most attractive?

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  • Blue

    174 38.07%
  • Brown

    58 12.69%
  • Green

    178 38.95%
  • Hazel

    47 10.28%
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    Nice looking eyes of any color are attractive, but hazel just edges ahead of others in the *swoon* stakes.
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    I guess most of you already know, but:

    Fun Fact 1: The black pupil in the eye, is acctually not a "dot", it's a hole. The black you see are only the back of your eye, the retina.

    Fun Fact 2: Blue and green eyes are acctually a mutation. The "original" color is brown (more pigment).

    That being said; I love girls with green eyes. But don't tell my gf. Her is brown

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    Green or grey or a mix between these two colors.
    I have mostly green eyes myself, but sometimes they change to greyish color, depending on lighting.

    Blue eyes seem naive and childish to me.
    Brown eyes don't let see the eye pupil, so it looks weird.
    Asian brown eyes are just creepy.

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    Green eyes, don't know why, but damn I usually can't help but to stare at them... >.>
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    Blue. There's just something about women with an icy blue stare.

    Me? I'm in the possession of a pair of blue/gray/silver eyes with a dash of green in them if you look closely.
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    Of the natural colors? Blue, definitely. Not that I pay much attention to eye color, but blue is the only one that stands out to me. If you were to ask me the eye color of people I have known my entire life, unless it was blue, I would be unable to answer. Not even sure what my own color is. But I must say, Kristen Stewart with red eyes is pretty captivating!

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    Blue or green, I am not a huge fan of brown or hazel eyes for some reason.

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    Poll needs more options -.-

    There are four people I have seen, three of which I know personally, with the most amazing eyes I've ever seen. My boyfriend's eyes are teal and when the light hits them it looks like they're glowing. He's been asked if he's blind before and I often stop dead in my tracks looking at them. His grandma's eyes are even more stunning. I have to get a picture of them one of these days...they're like a bright yellow in the middle that fade into green and finally a dark blue on the edges of her iris. Third is a woman I know from my years of doing ballet, Carla Stallings. They are marbled with the deep, rich blues, greens and yellows. Last is the guy with long red hair found on google images by searching "amber eyes". Stunning.

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    Blue eyes, probably because I have them.

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    I really don't give a shit, I can easily decide on a whim what colour I think is awesome, but the fact is - I am attracted to who I am attracted to, and that is not a decision I make cognisantly, and a decision that is also based on the person as a whole, therefore what colour eyes they happen to have doesn't matter shit.
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    I don't find a color attractive, I find the soul behind the eyes attractive.

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    brown or blue

    mine are tealish blue and get complimented all the time. Not surprised that blue is ahead right now.

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    Have been up close and personal with eyes of every color, the most memorable pair was green.

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    I think there might be a difference between what men prefer in women and what women prefer in men..

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    my favorite eye colors are brown and grey

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    Quote Originally Posted by theorangebox View Post
    I don't find a color attractive, I find the soul behind the eyes attractive.

    I would concur with this.
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    Dark green. Like the MMO-C background.

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    I'm a fan of the brown eyed dark hair men. Super sexy. For my fellow lady friends, a light/pale skin girl with red hair and deep emerald eyes, or ice blue with black/super dark brown hair. With blondes its hit or miss, unless you have a very deep, intense eye coloration, most of the time eye color looks really bad. Color is too muddy/foggy looking imo.
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    Red eyes, nothing like staring a raging bull dead in the eyes!!!!!

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