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    Playlist Making Contest

    Make a playlist of 8-12 songs fitting with the theme I give you (no more, no less please), each week I will pick a winner and put the winner and their playlist on the front page. Winners will be chosen sometime on Thursday (using central time for thursday) and a new theme will be given on Friday.

    How I judge the playlists
    1.How well the songs flow
    2.Variety of songs if allowed by theme (as long as the theme isn't all classic rock songs or something that requires lack of variety)
    3.A good introduction song (what I mean is it has to be a good opener, pick it as if it were a song to open a big show), doesn't necessarily have to always be open with a bang, but it has to open well.
    4.A good ending song (similar to the introduction, needs to be a song that you would want to close a big show if you were determining song order), doesn't have to be a big bang close or nice subtle close, either or an inbetween can work, but needs to close well.
    5.Quality of songs, now obviously this is opinionated, but make sure (at least in your mind) the songs have good quality and none of the songs would be something an average listener would want to skip.

    Sites You May Use to Make a Playlist (any of them are fine for now, if I find later some aren't working well they are off or get a suggestion to add one I will) Remember all of these are limited to the sites libraries I would personally suggest use a site that uses Youtube as its library (it is much bigger)

    Here is this weeks theme
    Know it or not April is Internation Guitar month. Every song within the playlist must have a guitar being played in it, and at least 2 of the songs must have a guitar solo.

    NOTE: If this contest gets fairly popular I may need to have some volunteers to help me judge it, but as of now I will judge it
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