View Poll Results: What kind of music do you prefer to listen to in a Night club?

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  • Dubstep

    13 24.07%
  • Drum & Bass

    10 18.52%
  • R&B

    5 9.26%
  • Hip Hop

    8 14.81%
  • Techno

    16 29.63%
  • Pop

    8 14.81%
  • Rock/Metal

    16 29.63%
  • Other

    12 22.22%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    [Music] What kind of music do you prefer in a Night Club?

    So, Around Perth Australia where i live all night clubs have 2-3 dance floors with different kinds of music to fill the needs of all kinds of people.

    What kind of music do you prefer to listen/dance to when out clubbing?
    Personally i prefer Dubstep, Drum & Bass, but dont mind listening to others.

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    Totally depends on the amount of alcoholic beverages I already had. After a reasonable amount of vodka I can work with everything.

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    The Patient
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    South Wales
    As much as I like Rock/Metal I could never listen to it on a night out. Just has to be Dubstep / DnB for me

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    Please add House to your poll. House and more so Club House is what I'd like to hear in Night Clubs.

    I chose Techno for being the closest

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    High Overlord
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    I like pretty much everything except hip hop, rnb and minimal. And to be honest I'd rather spent my night in a bar/cafe with pop/rock music than in a nightclub.

    Thanks to CrazyTaco93

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    I took the term "Night Club" a little loosely, I hope your intention wasn't like a techno club. I love to go to local rock band shows and support the community while having way more beer than one person should consume. That's a great Friday night in my book!

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    Mechagnome beneholio's Avatar
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    Ambient music!

    When going to a club with friends I want conversation to be the center of attention and not music!
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    I voted other because i hate clubs. Give me a bar any day (jukebox optional).

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    Other - I prefer House... but then again it totally depends on what kind of house... not really a fan of the commercial type house(swedish house maffia, David Guetta etc)... I could have a decent time in a club with most of those types of music as long as I had cool people around with me and a decent amount of beer, one thing that I'd stay away from though is Metal... as it does my head in.
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    Unless the majority of people are on Ecstasy its pretty vital to have a good mix of music. (I prefer Trance)

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    Mechagnome DragonSoul's Avatar
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    never been to a nightclub cos i dnt have anyone to go with so i wouldnt even know what they played

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    Y'ever watched two-hundred people in black suits and corsets all goose-stepping at the same time?

    It's pretty entertaining, so I'd have to say industrial music and it's derivations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonSoul View Post
    never been to a nightclub cos i dnt have anyone to go with so i wouldnt even know what they played

    Get yourself some friends man, get out on the town!

    OT: ANything from House, techhouse trance trounce?,dubstep etc and some chart shit.
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    other - Hardstyle

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    Drum & Bass.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kujako View Post
    People playing games for fun, the BASTARDS!

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    every 2 - 3 month there is a top hardstyle dj like headhunterz, wildstylez, brennan heart ...
    in hannover, where i live near

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    Tech-House, Minimal and Minimal Techno. Voted Techno for being the most similar option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amontoya86 View Post
    Unless the majority of people are on Ecstasy its pretty vital to have a good mix of music. (I prefer Trance)
    It's far more important to have good music when on XTC than when just getting drunk.

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    Pit Lord aztr0's Avatar
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    I prefer good music.

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    Other: Trance.

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    Stood in the Fire slambulance76's Avatar
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    The sound of the nightclub being destroyed. Dance music sucks! ;p
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