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    Horde never wins AV.You sir are probably the WORST and I mean WORST player in WoW to loose AV as Alliance.
    I have a 60% winrate on my horde chars in AV

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    Those of you that are complaining about low win/loss ratios are probably just suffering from PEBKAC. Don't worry; practice makes better.

    My main character (Horde): Talyria @ Blackrock

    Battleground statistics at the time of this post:
    Alterac Valley: 91 victories out of 145 battles (63%)
    Arathi Basin: 141 victories out of 198 battles (71%)
    Battle for Gilneas: 65 victories out of 78 battles (83%)
    Eye of the Storm: 88 victories out of 110 battles (80%)
    Strand of the Ancients: 96 victories out of 131 battles (73%)
    Twin Peaks: 53 victories out of 64 battles (83%)
    Warsong Gulch: 143 victories out of 184 battles (78%)
    Isle of Conquest: 74 victories out of 104 battles (71%)

    OVERALL: 751 victories out of 1014 battles (74%)

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    horde player reporting in!

    ive judt done 5 bgs in a row and all were lost. it also was another bg each time, so it wasnt just 5 times av or something like that. noob horde! 8>

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    I have been running Horde randoms all week with similar losses and few wins. And the battlegroup thing doesn't come into factor anymore. The random queue draws from people all over North America and Latin realms. I've even run two back-to-back randoms on Horde and got two losses and thought "it must by Alliance night". So I switch t Alliance and lose over and over.

    At the end of the day I'm convinced that many people would rather top the HK chart, top the DPS meter or try for some achievement than try to win. And it plaques both sides.

    However, there is a completely random chance that 30% or so of the people want to win, and they can accomplish enough to do so by cajoling the other 70% through it.

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    This week has been especially bad for me having only won 3 BG's out of about 12. This is as alliance. Though it really is just random because I've had weeks where it has been win after win. Something I notice a lot when I lose BG's:
    - No one defends
    - People wearing un-gemmed and unenchanted gear
    - People sticking in large groups and moving between objectives instead of spreading out and using tactics
    - People wearing wrong gear. (I've seen an enhancement shaman wearing cloth caster PvE gear, his excuse was that he leveled as Elemental)

    It's all just about luck of the draw. And in my BG's this week I've lost, at least 2 of the above are to blame.

    EDIT: And like the above poster said, Many people just want to rack up honour through any means possible, even if it means losing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by m00t View Post
    - People wearing un-gemmed and unenchanted gear
    - People wearing wrong gear. (I've seen an enhancement shaman wearing cloth caster PvE gear, his excuse was that he leveled as Elemental)
    Think its time for someone to start a post about awful awful gear choices we get in bgs (seriously guys, its better to avoid inspecting at start or your gonna want to quit).

    My last wsg, two guys in full greens (not even heirlooms, just green items) and one lock with a lvl 80 tank trinket (the one with the shield that absorbs like 8k dmg)...

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