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    Wink Fake Celebrity at a mall

    I thought this was funny; hopefully you will too=)

    EDIT: The best part is that it's not a case of mistaken identity. There is no actor/character by this name in the films mentioned but the sheeple flock anyway~

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    I used to stare at a random point in the sky with friends and pretend I was looking at something and lol when random people tried to see what we were looking at. Same thing in Yellowstone, pull over and act like you saw a bear off in a field somewhere and you cause a traffic jam of people stopping to get pictures, lol.
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    Lets say you have a two 3 inch lines. One is all red and the other is 48% red and 52% blue. Does that mean there's a 50-50 chance they're both red or is the second line matching the all red line by 48%?
    ^^^ Wells using an analogy

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    I just can't even.....you guys are so amazing. I'm in awe.

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    Hilarious. He's actually (somewhat) famous now too, lol.

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    "He was in the movie The Hunger Games.." "Oh was he?" "Yeah!"

    I swear some people are hopelessly dumb...

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    Now I know how to pick up white, suburban teenage girls.

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    hahaha that is amazing.

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    Lol this just shows how ridiculous it can get just because a famous person comes to a public place and this guy isnt even famous! I mean he gets security escorting him, store closings and all this other crap just because he's famous (but not). I need to try this someday lol.

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    Please keep it in the megathread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...eos-megathread

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