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    Thumbs up How to fix: Mist Of Pandaria install problem!


    After much thinking I just fixed how to fix the install of mist of pandaria ( when you often stuck at 25% or 75%)
    also when you have install problem in the launcher.
    1. Download this : <Snip> ( this is a complete paste of MoP beta map )

    2. Open in "Winrar" (if you dont have it, install it) .

    3. Paste the "World Of Warcraft Beta" map in to your Harddrive.

    4. In the map "World Of Warcraft Beta" map open "WoW.exe".
    It should pop up a windows that should complete installation

    5. Now Mist Of Pandaria Beta should start!!

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    I tested this, and it actually seems to be working so far. I can now open the launcher, and get into the game where i need to enter username and pass, after that i come to the servers witch tho seems to be down for the moment, wich i've also seen on the forums to... I would probably say this is working! Thanks!

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    hi there you might wanna concider taking the file down reuploading it and check the "SET accountName " mate

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    i smell a closed thread and strike/bann coming,

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    Whilst this file does work, and does work for me, you will have the linked removed and (possibly) and infraction if you don't remove it yourself.

    When I found the fix I posted the link in a thread. It was removed very quickly and I was warned to not post those sort of links again.

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    Please do not post download links to uncredible sources.

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